History Repeats.

The theme of “History repeats” is the agony felt by a young lover once again. The speaker in the poem is a girl. She, with a tragic past falls in love with a guy whom she wants to be with always. She is in fear of losing him and doesn’t want to confess her love because once she does confess, her nightmare comes true and as expected the guy doesn’t love her back.

She feels betrayed by her own emotions once again.


Every time I see your eyes

I feel fragile

 As our story seems like a fairy tale …

I exhale and inhale

I remember my wounds, every detail

And I think not to mess up with this male…

Together in these emotions, we need to sail

Because without you, my journey would again be pale

There is a room in my heart I can avail

But I cannot risk it with a trail

If I did so, my heart would bewail….

So every time I see your eyes, I turn away

Because You make me fragile

As our story seems nothing but a fairy tale!

But what happens next is undeniable too,

As History repeats 

There was a time when I wept

There was a time I lost my heart

There was a time I fell apart!

There was a time I needed help.

Now I need no more.

Later I shut myself down

Let my tears drown.


Out of nowhere, Life gave me a ray of hope.

Things started to change,

I regain every ounce of courage.

Trust has reformed in a blink,

My sinful heart was in a perfect sync.

Past seems a memory which started to fade

Present seems much brighter than I hoped

Days passed as hearts drew closer

One liked, another adored

But I forgot the fact that, to entwine, there should be two beloved

And the history repeats 

The pain which I denied, bargained, accepted repeats

The tragedy which I feared deep down repeats !

Finally the word 

“Kill your emotions” repeats !

Leaving nothing but void inside my soul.

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