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His Last Fleet- a Poem

His Last Fleet- a Poem 4










Embedded in the stillness

A light glowing growing and going

Carried by a hand in the dark
Hurried steps towards the tracks
Maybe his last fleet
Nobody expecting him there
Probably he is dead
In their minds
Tired of the undue insults
Leaving be the last option
Slow cacophony of engine nearby
Grey smoke melting in the air
Nearer to it eager to meet the
Forgotten life
Was his decision years back
To lead an independent life
Beautiful reality from a distance
It seemed
A grey gutter of inhumanity
He found the closer he came
Small town of tiny villas
Inhabitants seemed happy and content
Daylight was natural
Sparking life he expected
As dusk occurs a filthy stench of gambling in small town villas came running towards him
Every day they put up a mask in the sun
Hiding their guilty faces
Women never dare to see in each others eyes
May know more than
Those could tell
He pleads to them not to gamble away loved ones
Just hearty laughter echoes
Intruder he is they say
Dismiss him after a brutal insult
Honest man’s work during the day
Withering of honest money in the night
some made fortunes
Wealth of unfortunate one’s family
Girls with pigtails say goodbye to their mother
Only to get it back in return
Town of tiny villas big stakes
Tiny hearts
He pleaded with them enough
To get himself beaten away
The same men soothing after dawn
Cannot stay here
Split day and night fluctuations
Want his real freedom back
From men who bound him with
threats of non-disclosure
Trap for the innocent
Alluring life dull reality
Cannot stay here
Quietly leaving
Waiting for engine of escape
If he may not
One day this gray smoke will
No more discolour the sky
Someone with nowhere to go
Will stay to remove the bad
For him, greed of old life is powerful
He will not stay
Climbing up the train he sees the dawn approaching
And puts on the mask of happiness
After all habits the last longer
Soon all this will be blurred
Maybe this same had happened to earlier ones who came
Eventual blurred life


Written by Bhumika

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