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The Art Of Listening

The Art Of Listening 7

Situations are Never good or bad, it’s all a matter of how you see the situation, as an opportunity or as a threat.

“Situations are powerless without your reaction.” But what and how you react depends on your personal perspective. There will be days of happiness and there will be days of letdowns, but it’s YOU who can make the most out of any and every situation.

If you have a positive outlook, you will come out with something good even from the worst situations possible. The clothes you wear, places you go to chill, brands you use, these do not define your character. Your way of seeing things, your point of view does.

The Art Of Listening 8

Different people have different viewpoints.  Some people will see good even in the worst of situations. And some won’t be satisfied even when they are blessed with everything. So what kind of person you want to totally depend on how you think, how you see people and situations, what you feed your mind and the kind of company you keep.

The Art Of Listening 9

Having your opinion is important but understanding other’s perspective is equally crucial. Seeing others’ point of view will help you socialize better, empathize, and become at rhetoric. This will open your mind more and will help you to understand others better.

Listening and understanding other’s perspective helps assess situations better. Try putting yourself in other’s shoes. You’ll start realizing, understanding better and will win more hearts.

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Written by Jinal Dedhia

A commerce graduate and making my career in finance but An aspiring and passionate writer.


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