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We all wish to be happy, don’t we? But what most of us tend to do, is to expect it to come our way rather than take a step forward to hold it in our hands. Really, is happiness  a forced smile by an adult or is it the laughter of a child having no worries.  Is happiness actually a choice?
There are some people who seem to think that happiness is the result of right things happening at just the right time. You’re walking down the street, find  five hundred rupees, get a random smile from a stranger, win a lucky draw, go to your favorite restaurant and get exceptionally fabulous meal offers etc.. etc..

Happiness is not something that we get in touch with once all of our ambitions and desires  are fulfilled. Happiness is something that others can see but you are the one who feel its warmth.We all stay happy when things are in our favor  but, have you ever tried  staying happy when they are not.  When I was out there looking for a college for myself and I did not get the one I always wished for I was in continual depression. It was my mother who came to my rescue then. She gave me the most significant life lesson that ‘Happiness does not just happen’ and there’s a positive side to everything but, we the humans are so lost in our depressing world that we completely overlook what is in store for us and spend  numerous hours pondering over what could have happened . We completely lose track of our mind and turn a blind eye to the n number of opportunities that lay before us. Have you ever met someone who stays happy no matter what? yes?

So, how do they manage to be that way? Maybe, they have got whatever they wished for, their life has been pretty amazing and never have they seen sorrow. Is it so? I guess not.

What keeps them happy is the understanding that happiness is a choice. These People who manage to smile even after  going through a lifetime of hardships have learned a crucial lesson, the same lesson I stated above: Happiness doesn’t just happen. It is in us, in our mind, body and soul. It’s our job to seek ‘The treasure of happiness,to let go of the bad – the things that are poison to our soul – be it any person, an idea, a job or anything.

It is completely up to us to get acquainted with these lessons, to instill self love. This world is a treadmill that keeps you running at the same place until you decide to get down from it and go for what you have always desired. Failure is the path to success. You may fail once,you may fail twice but, all this while make happiness a choice. From today onward make sure to smile for no reason (of course not like a psycho). Give everything that comes your way a warm welcome and you will see things turning in your favor. Never try to please everyone because what so ever you may do you will always end up being despised by one or two. Inculcate the motto that Disney gave us -‘Hakuna matata’  in your life and you will see that life is not as bad as you presumed it to be. There is joy everywhere. You just have to stop to admire it as it comes along the way. Tell all the voices squeaking in your head to just shut up. Listen to your inner voice – the source of euphoria. Once you decide to be happy you will certainly not be the same person as you are today. In fact you will be a much stronger and wiser person.

Ralph Marston rightly says ” Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy.” When we can give endless chances to the people in our lives then why not give happiness  a try. It is difficult for us to change our attitude but, trust me it’s all worth in the end.



Here are some simple tips for happy life :-

  1. Avoid self blame.
  2. Love yourself unconditionally.
  3. Meditate and pray.
  4. Exercise and eat.
  5. Hug, kiss and laugh.
  6. Dance in the rain, dance at your house, in fact dance your heart out anywhere and everywhere.
  7. Replace old hurtful memories with joyful new ones.
  8. Let go of toxicity.
  9. Do not  choose to be happy, just  be happy.

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Remember, life is a mountain of trials and tribulations but you  are the one who need to overcome those period of privation. Hey! you champ get up and follow your nudges 🙂 Go buy that book that you saw the other day, go propose the girl you always had a crush on, go ride that bike you always wanted to ,go for a nature walk, go get dirty in mud, go sing like a dying walrus at the top of your voice, go paint those walls in your own messy way,go read that novel you always wanted to, follow your dreams  and have fun with your friends because happiness is a dish best shared.


About the author :

11949760_460907177414854_926206440_nA graduation student (Mathematics). 18. A strong believer of the fact that there is nothing truly artistic than loving people.Writing often expresses what we can not. What food is to body writing is to soul. The idea is to spit out whatever words come to my mouth .There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy but I guess we do not need reasons to be happy we must be happy anyway.So stay happy, stay connected not just to the world but to yourself and your dreams.





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