Halloween Asteroid To Make Close Encounter With Earth On October 31

An asteroid that is being named the TB145 is set to make a close encounter with Earth on October 31 at approximately 10.05 am PDT. However, NASA claims there is nothing to worry about as it will steer clear of the Earth’s surface without causing any harm.


The asteroid is also being named as the ‘Halloween’ asteroid by many due to the coinciding dates between Halloween. The Halloween asteroid will be away from the earth by approximately 300,000 miles. The asteroid was first discovered by the researchers using the Pan-STARRS-1 at the University of Hawaii. Stargazers will easily be able to spot the asteroid and the next asteroid that is set to breeze past our planet is the 1999 AN10 which will move by approximately 800 meters from the earth’s surface in 2027. This makes the Halloween asteroid pale in comparison to the AN10 but it’s a visible asteroid in quite some time.

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