Greek Waters: Witnessing 15 Children Casualties


A wooden boat on Aegean Sea had capsized on Sunday. The fatal accident happened while traversing the route from Turkey to Greece and 15 children including 4 babies were among the casualties in this deadly incident. This is the largest, in-record fatality in the Greek waters since the commencement of the crisis of refugees.

Over the weekend, the Mediterranean Sea had been experiencing ferocious storms with engulfing waves that had further deteriorated the pitiable conditions of the migrants from Syria who are covering the distance to Europe on foot and through water.

Rubber dinghies are used to traverse the way from Turkey to Greece with more than 40-50 passengers. The life jackets worn by them can hardly protect them in the rough waters. The wooden boats though can carry many people at a time but they also have a tendency to drown easily once overcrowded.

The German chancellor, Angela Merkel requested Greece to enhance their border protection but the Greek interior minister, Vassiliki Thanou declined any criticism of Greece in dealing with this predicament.

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