Greatest Solos

I think music is everyone’s get away. It has it’s own way of calming all the chaos in one. Rearranging the dissonance into calm ripples. Well, over the years we have seen quite a lot of changes in the music industry. But here are a few of the greatest solos that I have come across recently. Most of them range from mellow, classic rock to hard core thrash metal. I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but trust me if you listen to these solos your outlook on music will change.

Here are some of the greatest solos of all time-


Greatest Solos

Janes Addiction knew glam metal. Let me rephrase that sentence. This one god of a band knows what they are up to. Be it in the recording studio or the on stage performance, they know where their jive is at. The Band was founded by Perry Farrell who does the lead vocals for their band, and their bass guitarist Eric Avery.

This beautiful 10 minute song will leave you speechless. More than their solo in this song, the awe inspiring factor in this is the transition and the shift that has been done seamlessly. The tune would be going on one path and out of the blue, the tune would bloom into a different direction all together. The song is from their second album called Ritual De Habitual which came out in the year 1990. This song can be used as a classic example for the phrase “first impressions don’t matter”. The beginning of the song might not sound too good, but the tune latches itself on to you and you are bound to listen to the rest of the song.

Spare 10 minutes from your busy well scheduled life and please give these guys a listen.

The link to the song 🙂



Greatest SolosGreatest Solos


First few minutes into the song and you will find yourself already in love with it. Just as you start to settle down, you will hear Eddie’s voice working magic for you.  There is something about the tune of this song, that makes you feel like you are floating into a beautiful vortex of rhythm and his voice! His voice has served like an instrument with words flowing out of his mouth. However his way of singing the song is such that initially it is hard for the fans to decipher the lyrics. This song is all about the solo, and his subtle mumblings in the background is what makes the song even more beautiful. One interesting thing to be noted about this song is that it ends the same way as it started; which gives you the feeling of a loop. The tune just retraces back to its origin.

Personally, I would choose this song any day over any other song.

You HAVE to listen to the song just for Eddie Vedder’s voice.  Just.




Greatest Solos

Would you believe me if I told you that this is a 3 piece band? Would you? After listening to this song your brain is definitely about to go berserk. This song is from their very first album RUSH, (named after the band) which was released in 1974.  The music is neatly engineered and structured. A three piece band coming out with a seven minute song, which has two solos, surpasses the current budding progressive rock bands. No matter what position they have in the current charts, they will never come anywhere close to these guys.

Greatest Solos


Alex Lifeson is THE MAN. TWO SOLOS! I repeat TWO SOLOS one being a 5 minute long one. It’s the complete rawness that is to be appreciated in this song. It starts off with Lifeson’s guitar and then slowly Geddy slips in the bass tone and somewhere in the middle of the first verse Rutsey starts, and then it’s just magic. Complete magic. You will feel a rush of electricity directed towards your brain when you listen to this song.

The lyrics complement the song, like those riffs representing the monotonous life lead by any working man.


live version-

studio version-



Greatest Solos


“Walk along the river… sweet lullaby. It just keeps on flowing… it don’t worry about where it’s going”

Noticed the simplicity and good vibes in the lyrics itself? They are beautiful, aren’t they? Well wait until the solo starts off, get your groove shoes on. They are simple notes, but the way they have been structured is a marvel. It’s amazing how something like this can make humans go weak in their knees. The song starts and you follow the path taken by the tune somehow it ends up the way it started. Gregg Allman is the man.

Greatest Solos

(P.S- Don’t just stick on to the studio version. Do check out the live version as well. The chemistry each band has when they are on stage, I literally have a dopamine rush every time I watch that! Not kidding.)

Studio version-

Live version-

(I will still ask you to go ahead with the live version)



Greatest Solos


One of their hits, and an all time favourite is from the band’s second album namely Who’s next. It’s an English hard-rock, four piece band having Roger Daltrey on the vocals and Pete Townshend on the guitars. This gem of a song was written by the guitarist Pete Townshend. The Who is very well known for their use of synthesizers in almost every song. The song’s title has been taken from two of the greatest philosophical and musical mentors whom Pete Townshend looked up to, Meher Baba and Terry Riley. There is this shift once the lyrics end that is when “We’re all wasted..”, the solo starts and voila! That solo is bound to tear anyone up when they listen to it. However only the studio version has this special factor and the live version has Daltrey playing the harmonica and owning the show like a boss.

And that’s the studio version you must listen to-




Greatest Solos

I think the title is enough for anyone to go and listen to the song. *smirks*. It has a very jazzy touch in the beginning, forming a rhythm with the clinking of coins, a ringing cash register and tearing paper and a timer. The song reminds you of the blues and jazz, and that’s probably because of the use of the saxophone. Starts off with a brilliant saxophone solo and the focus gradually shifts over to the guitars. All this is done seamlessly. Must listen. Just for that classy saxophone solo.

Studio version-



Greatest Solos

This was when Sabbath had Ozzy as their lead vocals. The lyrics of this song is a work of art. The listener might or might not agree with me, but personally I think Ozzy’s voice complimented the lyrics. First few minutes might seem a bit of a drag for few, but my friend, patience is the key. The song will not fail in making your day. Must listen to this song, if not for Ozzy’s voice at least for those guitar solos.

the link to enter into a contemplative mode-



Greatest Solos

Bang! Starts with one crazy solo. Brace yourselves, you are about to head bang to this like a mad bull. Not just that, you can notice the change in Hetfield’s voice, from hoarse shouting to deep and the control in his voice as and when needed, delivering the theme in style, as always. The album itself, is one amazing trip, few of them having half written works of Dave Mustaine ( ex lead guitarist; current lead vocalist in  megadeth). The thing about this song is that the solos are delicate and clear, there is not much of dissonance in their tunes and tight riffs through out the song will definitely make you want to listen to it twice. Hetfield’s voice is also among the wow factors of the song!

You will not regret clicking this link, you have my word-



Greatest Solos

Screams out JAZZ and ROCK. If one really wants to enjoy this song they definitely must listen to the live version. It’s the chemistry a band portrays when they perform live that makes you fall in love with the band. This song is taken out from their debut album, wait not just that, the solo from this song is Jimmy Page’s (Led Zeppelin guitarist) personal favourites. Now you MUST listen to the song.

The live version is the best one, so here you go-



Greatest Solos

Well the credit for playing the solo in this actually goes to Eric Clapton, although it wasn’t mentioned in the album anywhere. This classic mellow rock song has George Harrison on it’s lead vocals, adding on to the mellow factor of the song. During the solo and in the last few minutes of the song, you can literally hear the guitar weeping. Hmm..starting to think they named the song after they heard Clapton play the guitar.

Here is the video:



“There are things known
and there are things unknown
and in between are the doors.”
― Jim Morrison, Letters from Joe

Greatest Solos

Greatest Solos

I am afraid, that I wouldn’t be able to do justice  when I start writing about this gem of a band. In a gist, they define rock. Not many people like this band at first shot, but it just grows on you gradually over time. The solo in this song is for sure to take you through one heck of a trip. It has Ray Manzarek on the keys and ‘Demon’ Krieger on the guitar, both of them nailing the solo. The solo starts off with Ray playing the organ and then gradually the focus shifts over to Kreiger. When you listen to the live version you can actually notice Ray letting the music take over him. The very sight of that is immensely beautiful. He keeps shaking his head in disbelief. The song will not fail in making you groove, you have my word. The very minute the solo starts, it’s sheer bliss.

Live version of the song is the best, you will definitely fall in love with  The doors after this. –


I hope y’all enjoyed the collection I have put together. I am a person who goes by music more than words, so this was a bit difficult for me. But then I realised, you can enjoy them easily once you listen to the band’s performance. It’s not just about how tight and integrated the song sounds live, it’s so much more than that. It’s about their presence and the chemistry the band has and more importantly, the ability of the artist to get lost in the music they perform.


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