Government Announces Deactivation Of Over 81 Lakh Aadhar Cards

The government recently announced that it has deactivated over 81 lakh Aadhar cards.These Aadhar cards have been suspended due to a number of reasons. These are said to be stated in Section 27 and 28 of Aadhaar Life Cycle Management (ALCM) guideline.

As per the provisions of Section 27 and 28, a person’s Aadhar Card number can be deactivated by the regional UIDAI authority, if there are multiple holders under the same details or if there are any unauthorized biometric data or documents. Children who were registered before the age of five should update their documents and biometrics once they turn 5 and then at the age of 15. Every individual gets a time slot of two years to update his/her Aadhaar card details, failing to do so will lead to cancellation or deactivation of the card.

If you are wondering whether your’s is valid or not there is an easy way to find out. Follow the instructions below:-

1) Open the main website of UIDAI and click on the ‘Verify Aadhaar Number’ tab which is under the Purple ‘Aadhaar Services’ section.

2) Once you click on the ‘Verify Aadhaar Number’ tab, it will redirect you to another page where you will be asked to put your Aadhaar card number and security code. Click ‘Verify’.

3) If your Aadhaar card number is active, then the last page will show ‘Active’ with your personal details alongside.

 In case your Aadhar has been deactivated you have to update your Aadhar details at the nearest enrollment centre.

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