Glimpse of LIFE

LIFE is all about how we live.

We born, our parents starts loving us, taught us how to speak, talks us through body gestures. The best Phase of life with no tension and worries, free to do anything. Love comes from everywhere.

We grew up, start going to school……the Beginning of life…The time when parents used to wake up their child, dressed them up for school, lunch packed , and even drop up to school, taught child how to read and write….!Life is such wonderful those days.

Years passed, we learned various things from the parents, society,teachers. The difference between good & bad, aspects of life. Our parents want us to focus more & more on studies.We start studying, playing games. We start making Friends of our own choice. In exams, sometimes we got fewer marks & sometimes more marks. Life continues the way it going. The phase where we really learnt about our surrounding, moral values.

Now, time runs so fast, we suddenly grew up more. we got to know about relationships, start arguing with our parents, demand various things, start hangouts with friends. It seems like life changed much more these days. We study, but we do other various activities too. We set our Goal, Ambition towards life & start preparing for that. Our parents also set various goals for us which they want us to work on,  focus on that(ex-IIT). Really, life gets serious from this phase. Everything is not in our hand. Worries & tension of relationships, study , what to do and how to manage, depresses us in various ways. Everyone is stuck in either to Follow his own Dreams OR to Follow their Parents dreams.  Some took Worthful Decisions for their future but few regrets…!

Our Teenage passes, and we become Adult. Mind become Mature, maturity level increases.Few Individual think he/she can think of their betterment without the help of other people. The decisions individual made in their past years helps them to serve their goal. People have their relationships, friends. Everyone pursuing their graduation, few lives in their home only, and few far away from their home. Only a Few have time for their family. As time passes everyone start thinking of being settled for a job, to make money  in some way.Few want to complete their dreams & few want to complete their parents dream. Everyone is in Hurry to achieve something they really desire for.


Well..! After making a worthful or Regretful Decision, everyone gets settled in their life in some way or another way. Few moves with their parents and few alone.! Now it’s up to us only ….!

Life is all in our hands, it is up to us only that how we make it and how we want our life to be.

In between, So many people come in our life, few stays with us during our bad time and few left. Respect those who stands with you always.!Respect your parents as well, they taught us everything about life.


never regret for the past ,your present  manifest ur future.

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yash johri