Flirting- Good for Your Health?

Flirting is like “yoga”, it is good for your health. – Bunny (Ye jawani hai deewani)

Whether you are in a relationship or not, flirting is way better than trying other cheesy things. Studies show that individual having flirting tendencies is known to have higher immunity and better health. Flirting makes you feel good, boosts your confidence and keeps you happy. Read on to know how flirting can keep you healthy.

flirt1 Flirting- Good for Your Health?

  1. Builds your confidence and self-esteem:

Flirting with someone requires a great confidence. And if you are doing that it means you are somewhere confident about yourself. Being confident about yourself,  your self-esteem will surely hike up.

  1. Makes your personality a happy-go-lucky:

Believe it or not, those fun winks and flirty smiles are loved by the other person the most. It improves the impact of your personality. People around you begin to love your personality. Having that light-hearted conversation will definitely make your and the other ones day.

  1. Positive Connections:

When it comes to starting a conversation with someone, it always comes up to you. Your approach towards someone builds the positive connection with people.

  1. Strengthens or builds relationships:

If you are in a relationship, then flirting with your partner makes your partner feel good. And making your partner feel good will itself strengthen your relation. A single person flirting with someone may result it building a good relation with that person.

flirt2 Flirting- Good for Your Health?

  1. Makes you feel good:

When people like your personality, enjoys your company and you feel confident about yourself then it will automatically make you feel good. Having that good feeling will always keep you happy. Flirting is known to release dopamine, serotonin and adrenaline. These are happy chemicals that help us to appear cheerful.

So go on, indulge some flirting in your relation and see the magic. Even if you are not in a relationship, who knows flirting with someone may lead to find your long lasting relationship with that someone special. But watch out, it should not make the other one feel uncomfortable. As flirting is a dose which should be provided to your body in proper proportion. Excess dosage may harm your body or the other ones too and can make you sick.

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