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Five Interesting Careers That Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself



Here comes the time, we get some factual points to argue with our parents. Succeeding in life is a mandatory topic that our parents talk to us on a regular basis. Do we listen? No, for 90% because we are busy singing or playing games or investigating something. Here are some careers that will make you feel that there is something you are capable of.

Voice Over Artist
You can sing, nothing else. All you’ve got is a stunning voice. Got it people! Get ready to make a career as a Voice-over Artist. Voice-over artists are paid an average annual salary of $80k. There exist several types of Voice-overs such as narration, translation, automated dialogue replacements, automated announcements and character voices. Also, a major advantage of this career is that it is ceaseless.

There is always somewhere or the other Voice-over artists are wanted. This is one of those careers that doesn’t require any standard requirements but vocal versatility. Researches have concluded the projected growth in the area making it even more fruitful.


Video Game Player
 Yes, for real. Real gamers can turn into professional video game players, compete in video game tournaments and earn loads. Some A grade game makers also recruit professional gamers. All you need is extensive practice and enough confidence. Using live streaming platforms projects the growth of a gamer. Reported average salary of a Professional Gamer is $55k yet there are chances that Gamers can earn more like $200k in gaming tournaments.


Submarine Cook
Sounds yummy! If Cooking is your hobby, make it professional in a unique way. You will miss the daylight yet be happy with the kind of brightness you would experience in your life as a submarine cook. Food is something that can make one feel at home. Being a submarine cook is more of a rich help that will make you real rich by providing you an average salary of $187k annually.


Ethical Hacking
HACK! If you are well-versed in networks and programming, this job is something ideal, you might be searching for. There are boundless opportunities in the sector. All you have to do is, be a malicious hacker and hack the system with complete authorization from the employer to define the vulnerability of the system along with the ways to keep it more safer. Professional Hackers earn an average of $170k annually. There are also courses available to make yourself a certified hacker.


Criminal Investigator
Girls! Here we are! There is a way we can use our detective brains professionally. Sherlock Holmes kind of people are required for this job that pays around $65k. A crime scene investigator job entails going to crime scenes and collecting evidence and gathering facts in order to figure out who committed the crime.

This is an adventurous job where one should be prepared for different threatening situations as an investigator. With varied educational qualifications, all you need is an inquisitive attitude to sustain in the job.


Hence found some better ways to make our lives brighter with some well-paid yet interesting careers. Unemployment is just a state that can be changed by simply not over-looking some careers like this. Attending College is not enough, you have to study the right subjects and do enough research on yourself to bring out the best in you.

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