Femme Fatale: Remembering female warriors in movies.

Femme Fatale: Remembering female warriors in movies. 4

Much jazz is sprewn around these days on feminism throughout the country. Women want their equal rights. Their honour. And they want it now. New innovative ways of protest are seen around the subcontinent. However, this article is not political at all. It is about the bravest, fiercest and the strongest women who have coloured the silver screen throughout the history of cinema. When not given what is right, they have snatched it away. They are wonderful and vibrant women. This is a post for remembering all of them.



Furiosa Let us start off with a recent film which is fresh in everyone’s mind. I was completely knocked over by the character Imperator Furiosa in George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road. Though the franchise is based on Max, Furiosa really stands out as the braver. She has a robot arm, is an expert with guns, and drives like a pro. She is a compassionate and brave woman raised in the harshest imaginable circumstances in a dystopian future, where even water is a luxury and men thus are cruel and selfish. It is her compassion to free the wives of the tyrant Immortan Joe that kickstarts the events in the movie. Her iron like determination to save these girls is what leaves the audience breathless and amazed by her character.

    alien_1979_1024x768_109692Another memorable female warrior in movies whom I have always admired for rising up to the occasion is Ellen Ripley from the Aliens quadrilogy. She is not at all glamorous at first. She was an astronaut on a spaceship, who when subject to great pressure showed what the will of instinct can do. Just imagine yourself on a spaceship with the deadliest alien, all your colleagues dead, and the spacecraft is about to blow off in five minutes. All this in outer space, somewhere no one can hear you scream. This woman had guts to bow down to.

ladysnow6Japanese movies have always had a beautiful aestheticism in their making and cinematography. And a Japanese female warrior whom world cinema enthusiasts have always looked upto is Lady Snowblood. Young Yuki, who was born in a women’s prison grows up to be the stunningly beautiful moral assassin Lady Snowblood, a unique blend of magnanimity, righteouness, courage and skill.


        3978603-kill+bill+vol+1+-+1Now to my favourite woman character ever. Beatrix Kiddo a.k.a. Black Mamba a.k.a The Bride is the deadliest woman in the world with a sword. And when her ex-boss/lover Bill messes with her on the day of her wedding rehearsal along with the other members of The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, she sets out after four years on a roaring rampage of revenge to Kill Bill. And when it came to Bill, she made sure she killed him before she cried her heart out. She’s the unstoppable force. All male chauvinism comes and rests at her feet.

      These are few of the most inspiring characters of cinema who will always be looked up to for their courage and would leave a mark on the heart of cinephiles forever and ever.

Sayak Basu

Written by Sayak Basu

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