Fatwa And It’s Reaction: A.R. Rahman Controversy!


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A Mumbai-based Sunni Muslim group Raza Academy passed a Fatwa against the Oscar wining Musician  A.R. Rahaman for working with the film ‘Muhammad:Messenger of God’ and also against the Iranian director of the film Majid Majidi . The Institutes also wrote to the government demanding a ban on the upcoming movie.


The film music is given by Rahman and the movie is based on the life of Prophet Mohammand. Many People didn’t got the logic behind the Fatwa but according to the reports, The group has some issues with the title of the film. Due to this Fatwa Controversy, Rahman has to cancel a Delhi gig.

Rahman is Oscar winning Composer and Musician who was born a Hindu and converted to Islam at the age of 23 in 1989. He changed his name from RS Dileep Kumar to Allah Rakha Rahman.12027607_10153095013261720_7695826089902031988_n

Raham replied to the Fatwa Controversy on Yesterday saying that “I am writing this letter for all those people who have been aware of  the recent activities concerning me. Allah is our protector and believers put their trust in him. I don’t follow the Islam. I follow the middle path. I am part traditionalist and part rationalist. I live in western  and eastern worlds and try to love all people for what they are, without judging them. I am not the director or producer of the movie ‘Mohammad:Messenger of God’ I just did the music.My spiritual experiences of working with this movie are personal and I don’t want to share it. My decision to compose the music for this movie was made in good faith and was no intention of causing offense. In fact, My decision was based on same point of view as of Mr.Noori. Today there is blur between the real and virtual world and I have been taken aback to see that, for some years now,unethical,unacceptable remarks are made online concerning the Holy Prophet.These abhorrent comments  are no doubt due to lack of understanding.I have always felt that we must encounter this reaction with love and kindness, and through the audio-visual media reach out to the people who wish to broaden their understanding.Let us pray for forgiveness and form our heart bless those who suffer in the world and bless the country that we live in. So to pray is to reflect the noble and enlightened nature of our Beloved Mohammad. Aameen” He added a photo  on Facebook. He freely admits, he gave music for the movie with good intention and there is nothing wrong in it.

Well, now you decide whether he deserves a Fatwa or not. Watch the trailer now!

-Anubha Maneshwar

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