Fast Food Chains – A Back Stabber With Health Hazards!

India is brimming with pride on its advancements in industries, innovations, ammunition and civilized power, which is standing at par with all the powerful nations of the world. Yet we are tripping on a boulder and pretend to ignore the fact that we are dealing with the new food system in India. The advancement in the food sector has lead to the emergence of fast food chains.


They are the series of food manufactures who prepare food in bulk, which is then stored and packed. This food can be delivered to the designated place at the designated time, which is normally not more than 30 minutes. Affordable prices, quicker preparation time and lots of fat and calories!

Some of these chains include Pizza Huts, Burgerville, KFC and McDonald’s.

Why Are They Popular Suddenly?

These industries have adorned their wall of fame for feeding the always-busy, sophisticated people of this country. Nobody has the time, everybody is burdened with work, and somewhere fast food chains satisfy their hunger and provide them with energy as well as a tantalizing taste.

Why people are thankful!

Yes, with the emergence of these quicker food options, people are less worried about cooking and are happy to spend their time on the work at hand instead of spending valuable time in the kitchen.

Your mouth’s watering and you are thankful to it for doing that! Working women are thankful for they have more time on their hands and more food in the refrigerator.

The Back-Stab

Even though there is a lower price-tag, lesser time is wasted and they reach you in a jiffy, you can’t risk everything for a minute of a tantalizing effect to your taste-buds.


Ordering and devouring food from the fast food centers has disrupted the healthy diet that is a part of our Indian tradition. This diet includes, on one single platter, the much needed veggies, the sweets, desert, the cooling dish, the dishes which are high in vitamins and other essential nutrients. However, all of these are being replaced  by the fat filled substitutes.

Aren’t we inviting our enemies in?

“Cholesterol laden foods, with a customary lettuce leaf will not undo the cheesy effects on the heart”

People are more prone to heart diseases with the consumption of this delicious food and they end up dying because of the very same food that they consumed. Yes, people who are accustomed to being  a couch-potato and consuming fast foods regularly, say four times a week or more, 80% of them will soon knock on the door of death.

Imbalanced Diet and it’s Effects on Health!

With the diet thrown out of balance with lesser fresh foods, the people who love fast food are more prone to obesity, heart problems, liver diseases, Type 2 Diabetes, peptic ulcers and many more such diseases!

There are worried mom’s who are trying to bring about a change in the metro cities by voicing their opposition against the fast food trend. This is because they all can see how their kids are growing up with a lesser involvement with mother nature and more of an involvement with watching TV and devouring the fast foods.

Disconnecting Social Ties!

The kids are missing the family gatherings that can help them beat stress and make them more social and broad-minded as a person. Alas, with the invention of options like fast-foods,  they are more likely to spend their time on worldly things and immediate pleasures.

The untimely eating routine is more prevalent in today’s generation, filling up their appetite with just the soft drinks and fried items, be it the pizzas, burgers or chickens.

The List Goes On…

This kind of eating also causes digestive problems, acne and pimples. There are also problems such as  obesity, spike in the blood pressure and blood sugar, dental cavities and  fragility of bones due to the excess intake of sodium.


People are suffering from this chronic disease at such a young age, there is an inferiority complex, laziness, ignorance and lack of zeal and enthusiasm which is developing as a result. They tend to look down on themselves and hence leave the work that they are good at because of depression! A study proves that 51% of people who are in love with fast-food end up suffering from depression.

It’s time that we raise our voices against this phenomenon, not only to the world but also to ourselves. Lets make our life healthy and happy once again.

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