Familiarizing With SEO Scam
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Times have changed, events have changed. Along with that, the way humans think also have changed. We are on the threshold of a new era where anything and everything is completely controlled by technology. The world itself is undergoing massive changes. Few years back computer was the magnanimous invention. The machine helped us in many myriad ways. Truth be told, there could not have a revolution in how we think without a computer. Along with time, experts in the field of computer technology came with an even greater idea, which exemplifies the ways to make profit from the computers.
Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a relatively unknown term for the regular folks, for whom computer is something that helps you stay in touch with your friends and relatives. For them it is just something that you keep in your room so that you could say “Yeah! I’ve got a computer”. However, the term has been around us since mid-1990s. As the term is highly “nerdy” sounding, many are not truly introduced to the term. Put it bluntly, SEO refers to the task of highlighting the process of augmenting search results. In the highly competitive and aggressive business world of today, it is technology that is in charge. One who armours themselves with the most hi-tech aspects of business will be busy reaping the benefits that technology provides. It is a fact that the present generation is blindly in the charm of computers and other technological aspects. SEO puts the name of the company or institution at the top of the search results. When you search for a particular topic in any of the search engines, the results will have the name of your company is its top results. That will be a huge boost for the company in general. There is a notion among the ignorant folks that the search results are arranged in a particular way where the most trustworthy company or institution will be on top of the list. To boost their business companies often manipulate this ignorance or unfamiliarity of potential consumers.

SEO is part of an internet strategy where it analyses what the users search. There are certain keywords used by the users when they type in a search request. Of course, the user is unaware of this activity. When a website is optimized, the pages are enhanced by making certain keywords which are key to pop in when the user searches. The pages are enhanced by HTML or editing the contents of the page. The technique involves a search engine spider crawling into the webpage and downloading it into its own server, which they will then use to extract information about the page. Technically, the search engine depends on various mathematical algorithms to find out the relevant results.
As with all technological ideas, there is the same need for being conscious and relevant to the taste of the general outcome. No business can depend upon the SEO fully as there will be no business if there is any lack of response from the search engines. But as of now, SEO stand apart from all other marketing techniques as it involves not just a factor of involvement but also of interest.


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