Fall of the Worlds

Fall of the Worlds 4

Fall of the Worlds 5The sky did cast its shadow like a broken mirror
Clouds of regret hovered over the downpour of error,
Stood the world aside in the quest of peace
To unveil that it cannot be sought at ease.

Silence of innocence shattered the dreams
Outflowed the tears vanishing the streams,
Reason for the existence left in a crave
Queued they up to fall for the fate of grave.

Eyes turned blind to the hopeless waving hands
Wind turned its path untouching the weeping lands,
Even the last drop, like a mole, remained unfaded
Leaving the ground red than blindly unshaded.

Against the reach of the clasping palm
The stains of woes stripped the unusual calm,
Succumbing to the decree of unspoken words
Every dawn sees the fall of the worlds.

Adarsh Vijay

Written by Adarsh Vijay

Mr. Adarsh Vijay is currently pursuing his Masters in Political Science at Madras Christian College, Chennai. Mr. Vijay is a blogger and possesses a passion for writing, poetry and teaching. His academic interests vary from Strategic Studies, International Relations and particularly to Game Theory. Moreover, he is a regular contributor to 'The Bridge', the annual magazine of the Department of Political Science, MCC. He loves music and is an orator too.

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