An Intriguing Introduction to the World of Darkness

An Intriguing Introduction to the World of Darkness 4

Often, we give a serious thought to the ‘specially-abled’, in various instances, we think about supporting them and genuinely shower our sympathies. But have you ever imagined yourself in their shoes, visualizing the world through their conceptions?
Dialogue In the Dark brings up this concept in our lives through a genuine and thrilling exhibit…with a twist!

The Contest:

It so happened that I visited the Inorbit mall as I wanted to shop and I came across this contest wherein, we would be blind-folded and we needed to search and find certain objects covered up in a mass of styrofoam balls inside a box. Honestly speaking, it was fun and I won the contest and the prize was a free tour through Dialogue in the dark exhibit. That was just the beginning of this unique and absolutely adventurous experience!
I was accompanied by my brother and after we entered into a dimly lit room, we were seated and were given walking sticks. In a few minutes, the dim light further darkened into complete darkness. Then we stood up and we heard a voice introducing himself as the guide and he led us into a forest. Chirping birds, flowing waters and various sounds of animals could be heard and we could see a roaring tiger appear and vanish suddenly. It was truly a walk into nature

 Time for Some Adventure and Fun:

We happened to cross a shaky bridge. It actually made me panic initially but I kept my cool as I was accompanied by my brother. Later we went on a pleasant boat ride on the waters. That truly helped me calm down.

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Blind Date with Window Shopping:

We entered into a place where we had to touch various things and name them. Later, we had to smell certain spices, food and other things and identify the source and we were supposed to taste several food items and guess them right. Honestly speaking, I could adjust and quickly adapt to darkness and could guess many things right. Cinnamon, cardamon, tea, chocolate, pineapple, cricket bat etc. We actually realized how our olfactory senses get activated in such circumstances.

A Game in the Dark:

Later on, we entered into another place, where we were given a cricket bat and a ball and we had to play the game. It was really funny and though we ended up hitting each other ocassionally, we played a good game of cricket.

Dine in the Dark:

We finally entered into the cafeteria. We ordered some food and sat down for a chat.  We then discussed the experience. While in the dark, each of us revealed how we had perceived things being visually impaired. How our hearing abilities and taste and sense of touch were heightened as we were going through the whole tour. Then we got the shock of our life as the guide revealed to us that he is blind in reality and the 45-minute tour of ours is a lifelong experience for him. But having practically experienced being blind for those 45 minutes, completely changed our perception and the concept of visually impaired or specially abled.


Written by Vaughira

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