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Expectations, Making An Already Tough Life Even Tougher.

“Life is a race, if you don’t run faster than others, then you will never be able to win”, A common philosophy that every second child follows or should I say is made to be followed.
Nobody really cares the situation you are dealing with, if you get through, then you are a real winner and if you don’t, then you are good for nothing. Have you ever wondered, why has the world become so ruthless ? Why is there so much of competition in the air? Why can’t just one stay happy in whatever he does and whichever position he holds? The answer to all these queries is undoubtedly, EXPECTATIONS!

A child is born later but is expected to fulfill their parent’s dreams before, before even he himself starts dreaming.

A child is send to school later but is expected to always come first in class.

A child gets admission in college later but is expected to have campus placements before.

A child gets a job later but is expected to own the company one day.

And in this whole journey from birth to that one day, child doesn’t remain child. His wishes, his dreams get lost in the never ending trials that he needs to do to satisfy his parent’s expectations. And in the end, what one gets to hear is “You didn’t try hard enough, you could have achieved if you would have tried at least.”

One doubt that never got its way out of my head is – Why do people expect? Is surviving in world actually that tough or are these expectations making it tougher? A father who is expecting his son to be an engineer, I ask the father why didn’t he become one ?
Lets look at things in a different way, why not do all the things that we expect others to do ourselves only. Why not rather than expecting your son to be on top, the father gets on top. Life isn’t that harsh with us. People make it hard to survive. And more than people, their expectations really do.


Just think for once, if everyone keep doing what they are expected to do, then life would be so monotonous. There won’t be any individuality, no difference between two. But then we can also not forget that everyone can’t be on top. There can never be two people holding the first position, one of them has to be on second position too.

Within this trap of expectations, one looes his dreams and talent which in itself is a big loss. Have you ever wondered, how Sachin Tendulkar would have been ‘Master Blaster’ if his parents would have expected him to be an engineer ? How could we get Sania Mirza if her parents expected her to be a doctor? Inspirations like such are many, but still that one thing that holds us back are those never ending expectations which started before our birth and I think would even continue when one dies.

Undoubtedly, we can not control what people think and expect from us. We can never conquer people’s thoughts that we will meet in the journey of our lives. But one thing we can definitely control is how much these people and their expectations affect us. Following your heart would never mean that you don’t respect the norms of your people, it would simply mean your existence is more prominent to you than those norms made by people you don’t even know exist.



Written by Swati

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