Dos and Don’ts of a Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships can be very tough to maintain. Having your loved one living far away from you, in another city, state or even another continent can bring about a wave of emotions and frustrations. These relationships are mostly seen among students. Though difficult to handle, a long distance relationship can go on to be a very successful one if the following tips are followed. Below is a list of dos and don’ts for couples in a long distance relationship-

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When in a long distance relationship, one must always be careful with their spending. You must always be responsible with your money as even a little bit of extra money spent could mean that your trip back to your love will get postponed.


Couples in long distance relationships must stay in contact on a daily basis. Do not let the distance make you both drift apart. Schedule weekly skype dates, call each other daily and text one another often.


Living miles away from your partner does not mean that you let the romance die out. Plan surprise visits, write letters, send your loved one chocolates and roses. This will instantly light up their mood and keep the excitement, love and romance alive in the relationship.


Long distance relationships mean that your partner will continue living their life like any normal person. They will go to parties, talk to the gender of the opposite sex and enjoy their life. But hey, so will you! You must keep in mind that this does not mean that your partner will cheat on you. You must have trust in each other and have faith in your relationship. It will be normal to get jealous and possessive in the initial stage but do not let that make you control your partner’s life.

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Do not let other people’s comments and opinions about your relationship affect you. Listen to the advice, smile and walk away because you know that your relationship is strong and will last. Their opinion does not matter. After all, it is you who is in this relationship and not them.


A long distance relationship means that you both will not get to see each other often. This can cause irritation and make you upset. You must however, be patient. Do not let the distance get to you. Don’t get angry at your partner for being away and being unable to visit. You, basically, signed up for this when you agreed on a long distance relationship.


You must give your partner their own space. You must not expect your partner to be there all the time. Your loved one has their own work and also needs some time to themselves. Do not get clingy by talking to them all the time and being overly dependent on them.


Being in a relationship means that there will be fights. There will also be many emotions that you feel being away from your partner. Never ignore these. Talk about it, argue it out but do not keep it all locked up inside of you. This will only increase the tension and jeopardise the relationship.

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