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My mother who nestles me and cuddles me,

Gave me her milk along with her love,

In this world which beamed before me,but

Tossed it’s infuriation at my rear,

Which overlooked me and generated

All kind of wickedness against me,

Which chuckled at me for who I was,

The Divine Being gave me a temple

Which is named “The School”,

To shape me to abide as tremendous

As the Silver Mount.


How many of you really miss your school days? Being honest I agree that I miss them badly in my life.

School days are when you don’t care about anything in life except friendship. It is when you feared going to class just because you didn’t complete your homework. Those are the days for fun, sharing, loving, caring, fighting,fearing, shouting,envying, munching,bunking, etc,etc,etc….

Though college life gives an illusion to people as if they are the best days of life ,  yet they are the combination of responsibilities with fun. Fear of future gets hold of us when we reach college. Responsibility to study well and settle our life added with our family gradually increases in our mind. We, who were children under the caring hands of our parents are forced to release ourselves from them thus, learning to face our very own problems. Facing college life for the first time is a tragic comedy, for we usually get confused how to behave. Either to behave as a child or a mature adult. We find differences in the way we are treated. We also find changes in the way we usually behave. But, during school days we had none of these tensions. The only best thing known to us was friendship and rarely education.



School is the place which taught us who we are, it discovered our talents and helped us bring it out. Schools moulded us and gave a name for us. It gave us fun and entertainment but never forgot to teach us to stand in temptations of the world. It taught us to stand firm in the strongest storms of life and put up with the waves of the sea. It taught us to establish ourselves in our lives. It is an amazing paradise where each and every student was made to feel equal, no matter how rich they are or how poor they are.


We sure cannot stay in school forever just because they are the best days in life, for we need to move in a fast pace to compete with this world. Time flees, whatever we think as permanent in our lives move from us in a fraction of a second. Sometimes, what we had yesterday is not with us today and what we have today will not be with us tomorrow. But still, no matter what happens, our sweet memories never departs from us.

But to live our life to the fullest and save more memories to laugh at it later, the best way is to grab all our opportunities, make use of them and work hard as much as possible.Screenshot_2015-09-21-17-23-33

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