Delhi- Ye Dilli Hai Mere Yaar!


The dizzying lights that refuse to burn out.
The little streets that house a thousand dreams.
The criss-cross patterns of lives.
The aggressive traffic.
The monuments standing witnesses to the momentous turns of history this city has seen.




Delhi – the city that has stood a witness to so many things we can only read about. And if you can build your life here, trust me- you can build it anywhere.
From the old Delhi to the new – from the cosmopolitan city to the crowded alleys of Daryaganj- I’ve found in Delhi a million things. This place is so much more than the capital city. It is where dreams happen. This is where people find themselves. In the midst of fighters, you emerge as one yourself.While walking through dark lanes of fear and apprehension, you find our courage. While battling these gender stereotypes, you find our liberation. As a student, I have found in Delhi a teacher. And trust me, your life is not the same anymore.



There is so much happening here – political, social, economical. Delhi is the center of all of this and so much more. Sitting in your room, you might not realize the immensely active character of this city. But take some time, and think about everything that’s happening around you. It’ll amaze you, how ignorant you were, and how conscious you can be.
Delhi University– a heaven for all the undergraduates. It is so much beyond the fantastic curriculum the university offers. Delhi University is the center of a revolution. It’s war is not being fought in the field , but in the minds. It’s the revolution that aims at changing ideologies. The broad and open academia offers to the students a chance to look far beyond everything they have been conditioned into believing. We come to challenge everything we had been taking for granted all our lives. But what you feel is not agony, but relief. And liberation.
It’s a city, and is definitely not the same for everybody. The things that I like might actually be unacceptable to somebody else. But what make Delhi so different are the opportunities it has to offer. This place, my dear friend, is Delhi- and if there’s something you wish to do, there’ll be a million ways out there for you to do it. Think, Dream and Grab it. Bright prospects wait for you on your doors here. Your success stories simply depend on how well and tight you grab them.

Delhi- come here and be a part of a transition. Feel your eyes widen in fascination. Feel the very essence of life rushing inside you. Feel your heart shrink to the demons of utter hopelessness as you realize how tiny you are. Feel the urge to do something. To be a part of something that matters. Feel yourself grow. Feel your soul transcend to realms unknown to you before.
Ye Dilli hai mere yaar!
This place could shatter you.
But believe me, it’ll be the same place rebuilding you. All over again.

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