7 Things We Wish Our Mothers Would Understand About Us

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Being a teenager is not easy. Hectic schedules, parties, hangouts, a tiny bit of studying – out of guilt, of course and lots of sleep. Even though we sync fine with our schedule, the one who gets completely stressed out are our moms.

“Don’t be late.”
“Why do you always eat unhygienic outside food?”
“Why do you stay up so late in night? Can’t you do your work in the morning?”
“Take your bath!”
.. and the list goes on forever.

But you can’t stop the sun from shining, can you? Even though it is completely futile to make mothers understand not to worry or be bossy, here are a few things that we still try to make our moms remember and understand:

  • Online Games CANNOT Be Paused
    “Come and have your dinner!”
    “Not now mom. I’m in the middle of a game.”
    “Then pause it, and have your dinner right now!”
    Every online gamer hates when this happens.
    Being a gamer, I had to put up this point on top. Gone are those days when I jumped around collecting mushrooms, this is online gaming mom. It cannot be paused even if there was an apocalypse. Period.
    Any Dota 2 or LOL fans here? No?
  • Headphones Won’t Make Me Deaf In Future“Do you need to put that thing in your ear when you sleep?”
    “Do you need to put that thing in your ear when you ride the bike?”
    “Do you need to put that thing in your ear when you are studying?”

    “Then, when do I listen to music mom?”
    “Don’t listen to it.”
  • Our Personal Search Engine
    All of us depend on her to find even the pettiest thing in the house. Keys, cellphone, TV Remote, books – hell, I can’t even find my underwear without my mom’s help.

We never expect our mom to say, “I don’t know, son” or “I haven’t seen it” because, if mom can’t find it – no one can.

  • Just A Friend, MomThere comes a phase in every mother’s life where she starts thinking that every other friend her child has is his/her love. During this phase, phrases like, “You talk too much in the phone nowadays” and “With whom do you talk so much?” are pretty common. Beware of eavesdropping, and even straight stare into the face. Once in this situation, you are highly recommended to proceed with high caution.
  • They’re My Friends, Not YoursMothers love to gossip, don’t they?

Be it their friend, or yours. The moment your friend visits your home, your mom starts talking about college, friends, life, politics, religion, that bastard daily soap villain, and what not. And, once she starts talking about your childhood – May your soul rest in pieces.

  • Yes, That’s Fashion! The ripped jeans, the tousled hair, this tattoo – they are in
    vogue. And no, this is not dad’s t-shirt. It’s fashion. Don’t sew my ripped jeans or force me to comb my hair and please don’t make another floor cleaning mop out of my tees. *sobs*
  • No Emotional Blackmail
    At times when things don’t go their way, this is the final resort. The And when bae blackmails, you can handle that. But when mom does – it comes down to, ‘I do so much for you, and you can’t even do this much for me?’ and we are ready to slay dragons for her. Good move mom, very good move.
  • Mah Phone, Mah LifeIt is probably the toughest thing to make your mom understand. If I take that thing with me even when I take a shit, what makes you think I’m not gonna bring it to the lunch table? – Eh, now that I put it that way, I should really consider not to.
    Point is no matter how pointless it seems (or it really is), we always need my phone near us.

All of us love our mother just the way she is. No matter what, some things never change – because they are already perfect the way they are. Love you, Maa!

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