Decoding the Mind of an Introvert

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Decoding the Mind of an Introvert 1

How difficult is it? Let’s see.
First of all! Let us try to understand the mindset of Introverts . They are generally misunderstood to be bad at relationships, depressed and inferior in nature but they are the most creative, loyal, highly successful and independent-minded.Basically, they prefer to be alone, as it energizes them psychologically and they feel absolutely comfortable staying aloof; silence works as an asset in providing the time and space they require to think. 2d2e31b92cd569de64ecd82fd851d022
They are completely normal but are less socially developed due to presence of a neuro-transmitter Dopamine that makes them highly sensitive to noisy and crowded places. Let me put it this way! Introverts would not feel thrilled and excited to attend a loud, crowded musical concert. Rather, they would love to be alone in a forest.They yearn for serenity and silence.

Another misunderstanding regarding introverts is that they do not like to speak up. Its just that they don’t talk unless their is a reason. But on a contrary, give a topic they are excited about, they would not shut up for days altogether. They love to read and listen and proceed slowly and are extremely observe deeply. They are neither shy nor afraid of anybody but its just a reason they need to interact with others and wont do it for the sake of talking.
Though introverts are very successful, highly creative and intelligent, they would never boast about their qualities. They dwell on the virtues namely, honesty and truth. They truly value the very few friends they have and are deeply attached to close ones. You can consider yourselves truly lucky if your BFF (best friend forever) is an introvert as it probably is the guarantee of loyalty for a lifetime. Once you earn their respect, they would really look up to you.They crave for a loyal and secretive connect.

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Introverts are misjudged to be complicated and arrogant by nature but the fact is that they try to avoid misunderstandings generated when present amongst social they happen to quickly observe and absorb the experiences and leave quickly. Never expect an introvert to hang on for no genuine reason till the end of a public gathering. They love to read intriguing stories and to solve mysteries.

Interestingly, Introverts are extremely individualistic by nature and they are the ones who could be handpicked for their different way of thinking, choosing untraced paths, their ideologies and their way of learning from their own experiences rather than flowing with the stream.
Its never like as an Introvert is least bothered about the world around them, but they find their own company and thoughts more engaging and stimulating. They are truly capable of showing genuine emotions towards others and be really happy, if the one who loves you is an Introvert; as that love is true.They never tend to pretend or fake their emotions to impress someone.

Now, let’s see how can we manage to bring them out from the shell, help them open up and express their views. As a matter of fact, Introverts are great listeners. Make an introvert put his ideas on a paper, you would be surprised to know what all he/she had absorbed in their minds. According to a research specifically made on them, the IQ of introverts is quite high compared to others. Firstly, We must develop a positive impression among them. This would help generate a liking and trust in their hearts. Then we need to genuinely understand their feelings and love them and follow their lead.

We also need to make them realise our thoughts clearly. We must always allow them to speak first. Give them challenging tasks and responsibilities and they would really surprise you with they ability to flourish under pressure with the help of their own way of decision-making and execution of any given task. They work cooperatively when in a group in contrast to others who would work competitively. We should never push them out of their zone as that would make them confused, overwhelmed and ultimately, they would retreat. So, we should never try to force an Introvert to become an extrovert. Instead, we must build self esteem within them by loving them the way they are. We must listen to them carefully while they speak instead of interrupting. We must possess patience as they proceed slowly.
Being an Introvert myself, I found myself going through many of the above mentioned instances. But I feel really happy to acknowledge that my BFF is an Introvert too. Please go ahead and try to make a difference in their lives!!


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