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Dear Future Child

Dear Future Child 4

lady writingDear Future Son/Daughter,

Hi! This is a little creepy. But I’m going to do this. Because I want you to know that this letter is going to be the basis of our understanding. And also because I was a rebel back in my days and my mom got tired of lecturing me for my good. So I’ll cut you some slack. No lectures. This letter is going to be the preamble of our relationship. Read on.
Hi Baby! Whether you are our biological child or not, we love you. You’ve promoted us to a new step, increased our responsibilities, and given me a borderline OCD about little things. But still, we love you. Unconditionally.

husband wife sitting
See, there might be instances, where we screw things up. Parenthood doesn’t come with a handbook. But we are hell determined to carve you into a good human being. THAT, would never be compromised. So, if there is anyone who could help us do this, it’s only YOU.
I might get hyper and possessive sometimes. Deal with it. There might be times where I’d have to do stuff for you without wanting to give you an explanation. Please be patient with me. No amount of ‘Chill, mom!’ would calm me down about the fact that you would want to jump off an airplane with a parachute or race your car at a speed beyond my comprehension, and your father decides to back you up with it.

teen stress
Mom and Dad were no super kids. I still remember, my teenage was probably the start of my better understanding of this planet and everything around us. So would be yours. It was then when I started observing, analyzing, doubting and questioning. Teenage is like a roller coaster ride with a compulsory ticket. It’s going to be the best and the worst. There will be proud moments and failure, there will be love and heartbreak, there will be friendships and people who try to bring you down. But listen! No matter how taxing and pesky it gets, we want you to give everything your best. Study, with all your passion. Create, with all your heart. Do, with all your soul. Don’t ever wait for something or someone to define you. Do it for yourself.
Our duty, would be to show you this world until you are capable of seeing it yourself.As you grow up you would have made a mental catalog of a set of cardinal rules of how to survive in this world. That would be a product of your own experiences. This world is every oxymoron there is- its beautifully ugly, sinfully pure and kindly cruel. But that’s what life is about. Discovering you and everything around you.
Don’t you fret. Because that’s when you might truly learn what a ‘family’ actually means. We would be your first most dependable friends. Always. We would be your shelter in every storm that passes by. You could count on us anyday and anytime. But sometimes, there would be things you wouldn’t be comfortable sharing with us. and that would be understandable, because you would move to your next most dependable people. Your friends.

mom talkingdad talking
Mom and Dad would never be half the person we are if it weren’t for our friends. And we hope you find your golden nuggets too! Those would be the people who’d have your back. Those would be the people who would teach you and learn from you. And that entire process would be the base of some of the most beautiful relationships that you are ever going to make, child. And don’t just expect, but be the friend you want to have. Be the last person to judge unreasonably and the first to offer your unconditional help to those who deserve and need it. Okay?

And now, I’m going to tell you the Golden rule of survival and success. It’s the most clichéd thing ever, but I can’t stress enough on its importance.
Love yourself! Accept yourself!

love urself
I tried my best to articulate whatever I wanted to pass on to you. But there are going to be so many more things that you would have to deal with and sort out on your own. And this rule is going to be your strongest tool.
Don’t EVER pretend to be the person you are not. Don’t get disheartened if you think you’re not good looking. Don’t lose hope if you think you’re not intelligent enough. You have something in you that will make you stand out. And your life journey is going to be about discovering that in you and nurture it. Use it. That will be your identity. Embrace it. Love it with burning passion. Because come what may, nobody is ever going to take that away from you. Ever.

familyfamily 2
We promise to make your childhood as enjoyable and interesting as we can. You’re always going to find yourself amidst dogs, good books, great music, laughter and love. I promise.
Also, when you feel glum and drowsy, I’m going to make you the best Blueberry Cheesecake. And it’s going to be a zillion times better than your Dad’s messed up Chow mein. Bet my life to it.
We, ask you for just one thing in return. Be a good human being. Don’t let temporary people or situations change you or your perception. Make your own niche 🙂
Lots and lots of love, hugs, kisses, some time limits, some handwash and a little hope of a tidy cupboard( See,this is where I fear I transferred my clumsy genes to you)
– Ma (and dad, who is busy trying to make the unhealthiest chowmein tonight)

love mom dad

Sakshi Gandhi

Written by Sakshi Gandhi

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