DAPHNE KOLLER – The Tech Leader Who Conquered The World

Stanford University professor and Coursera co-founder Daphne Koller. photo provided.
Stanford University professor and Coursera co-founder Daphne Koller. photo provided.

If you feel proud of being a part of open sourced learning, MOOCS and are in love with the people who made it incredibly easy for you to access the whole world, you will definitely throw a glance at this article.

Amazingly this generation has got a gift called internet and can easily access information – this concept was an unrealistic dream even two decades back. Sadly, even now, for some under developed countries it sounds unreal and in developed and developing countries people are misusing the gifts.  After this revolution, some branches got distinguished among which OPEN SOURCING was a big hit. Then came some sub branches, where I would like to treat massive open online courses as a sub-branch and it was the biggest sub-branch which educates and enlightens people across the globe with an array of subjects which it has to offer.

Here comes our main content. Daphne Koller was one amongst those few leaders who gave a dominant support towards this effort of opening channels to receive education from top universities with only a PC and internet connection.

By profession Daphne (born August 27, 1968) is an israeli-american professor in department of computer science of Stanford University and MacArthur fellowship recipient. Her research interest is artificial intelligence and its application in the biomedical sciences, where focus is on using probabilistic models and machine learning to understand complex domains that involve large amounts of uncertainty. Daphne also has a group known as Daphne’s Amazing Group of Students which includes her students who are unmatchable in their own fields and contributed in large amount towards different educational institutions and some renowned companies like Facebook. She worked with an emerging technology known as Bayesian machine learning and she was featured in an article by MIT Technology Review titled as “10 Emerging Technologies That Will Change Your world” concerning her work.

For her worldwide effort and passion about education, she with co-founder Andrew Ng invented the structure of online education, named COURSERA with different courses from more than 85 top collages. Though world’s top schools have been putting lectures online for years, COURSERA platform is somewhat different as they provide authentic accomplishment as well as verified certificates. They also provide free verified certificates to the students enrolling from backward sections and support them by giving financial aid via courses. Recently another step was taken by COURSERA jointly with University of Illinois Urbana – Champaign to motivate the students to learn from home.


They have launched a new ‘iMBA’ program which gives an authentic MBA collage degree which is equivalent to physical MBA degree received from the university itself. Her efforts in uplifting the education system worked like magic and it has given a modern, sophisticated open view to the layer of education and it was all possible due to Daphne and her team. Though this article can sound a little off beat as till now society possesses different views about a tech leader and mostly he or she is in the position of CEO or owner of a huge industry, my views certainly prove people also can consider professors or researchers in technological field as technology leader who is trying to lift up his own entity with the society itself.

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