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16 Creative Brand Logos And What They Mean

16 Creative Brand Logos And What They Mean 4

All of these logos represent famous brands, and you have surely seen the hidden meaning of some of them earlier, but I assure you that you will definitely find at least one of them you were not aware about earlier.

Here are 16 famous logos with super-clever hidden messages that will make you notice them twice!

Advice: Try to find the hidden meaning yourself, before you read about them.

1. Tostitos

Tostitos is a brand of tortilla chips which cleverly shows through its logo two people connecting with each other over a bowl of chips. When one looks at them closely, one can notice that both the ‘t’ is designed as if two people are sharing chips and ‘i’ is designed like a bowl of salsa.


2. Elefont

Its logo looks very simple but when one look at it closely he/she will find the elephant’s trunk inside the letter ‘e’.


3. IBM

International Business Machines Corporation, also known as IBM, is a famous IT company and is ranked 5th in the list of World’s Most Valuable Brand by Forbes. IBM’s logo not only represents its company but also represents equality and the white lines gives the appearance of equal signs.


4. Volkswagen

The word “Volkswagen“, in German, means “people’s car”. Its current international slogan is “Das Auto” which means “The Car”. In its logo, we can clearly see two white letters ‘V’ and ‘W’ and a circle with the same color which represents creativity. And the background color is blue which represents security.


5. Circus of Magazines

Circus of Magazine, based in Chicago, is an online marketplace for magazines that showcases the voices and artists of current generation. Its logo is creatively and cleverly designed by Olivier Courbet showing a circus tent and an open magazine.


6. Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins, famous for its “31 flavors,” is a global chain of ice-cream parlors and has actually provided more than 1000 flavors over the years. Its logo doesn’t only represent ‘BR’ but it also shows a pink number ’31’ which refesr to the original 31 flavors.


7. FedEx

FedEx, formerly known as Federal Express, is the World’s Largest Express Transportation Company and the World’s Largest Airline in terms of freight tons flown. Its logo looks very simple at first glance but when one look at it closely he/she will notice right-pointing arrow in between ‘E’ and ‘x’ (creatively designed with the help of a negative space) representing forward movement.


8. Northwest Airlines

Its logo clearly shows a compass which is pointing northwest.


9. The Guild Of Food Writers

The Guild of Food Writers is a professional association dedicated to excellence in food writing and culinary education in the United Kingdom. Its logo simply and cleverly uses negative space to show a spoon in the ink nib.

The guild of food writers

10. NBC

In its logo above the text, one can clearly see a peacock facing towards the right direction which shows their forward looking nature and also that they are proud of the programs they broadcast.


11. Bar Code

Its logo emphasizes the word “Bar” by making it appear darker.


12. Pittsburgh Zoo

Its logo is the most creatively designed one which not only shows a gorilla and lion staring at each other but also shows birds flying from the tree and fish at the base of the logo.


13. Goodwill

Its logo is cleverly designed showing a happy face.


14. Amazon

Amazon is ranked 13th in the list of World’s Most Valuable Brand by Forbes. Its logo clearly and cleverly gives two meaning from the arrow: it provide the customers with A-Z products and it also serves a smile on their face.

amazon logo

15. Yoga Australia

It’s logo not only shows a woman making a pose of Yoga but also shows the Australian continent between her leg and the arm.

yoga australia

16. Picasa

Google’s Picasa enables one to manage and edit pictures. When one notices the logo closely, he/she can clearly see three different things: a shutter of the camera in the colorful portion; a house (casa) in the white space and the Pi in the word ‘Picasa’ meaning pixel index. In short, the logo means that one has a house for their pictures.


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