Known for the unconventional quality of his voice, the young and talented playback singer Nikhil D’souza, also occasionally takes pleasure in song writing and guitar-playing. Beautiful tones, range of voice, originality and of course a charming personality…Nikhil has all that it takes to be an international star!
He has given us hits like “Mere Bina”, “Anjaana Anjaani Ki Kahani”, “Har Kisi Ko”, “Sang Hoon Tere” “Shaam” and ever since then, the phrase “shivering melancholy” has become permanently associated with Nikhil. 
From getting his first break in Aisha to his upcoming UK plans, Nikhil reveals it all!
So here’s presenting to you a candid chat with singer Nikhil D’souza for all those who have fallen in love with his unconventional yet extremely romantic voice.. 🙂
  • Tell us something about your childhood!
I grew up watching a lot of Tom and Jerry cartoons. I think since those cartoons were so musically rich, they indirectly became a part of my early musical training. I mostly heard a lot of 80’s western pop hits and didn’t follow much Bollywood music although we did watch Bollywood films every weekend.
  •  Have you always wanted to be a singer? Was your entering into the Bollywood  industry planned?
No – i went through phases, wanting to be an airforce pilot, then biologist, then a geologist – since I had never considered music as a serious profession. I got into Bollywood quite by accident: sang for an ad jingle that went big and started getting calls from film music directors.
  •   How do you enjoy your role as a youth icon among today’s singing aspirants?
The adulation can give you quite a high, especially when it comes from people who appreciate the music at its fundamental, songwriting level. I’m here to give them a gentle nudge to making their own music, finding their own expression – I do enjoy that.
  •   When did you get your first break?
In the independent scene I’m still to find that major break, while on the Bollywood side my first song was “Shaam” from the film Aisha, in 2010.
  •  If you had to describe today’s Bollywood music …
It seems very skewed towards sufi style ballads. That’s been the trend for a while now. I think movie producers need to get past that hangover and start allowing talented music directors the freedom to express themselves.
  •   Any favorites amongst the new artists?!
I quite like Jubin Nautiyal’s vocal tone.
  •   What are the 5 things you can’t live without?
The internet, my morning coffee, playing gigs at high spirits in Pune, the rains, the occasional immersive video game – simple things.
  •   Are you single?
  •  One secret celebrity crush…
Eva Green. I guess now it’s not a secret anymore.
  • Tell us about the equation you share with women!
Women – where would we men be without them. They inspire, love, and then love some more. They’re our mothers and sisters and friends and lovers. I think they’re all beautiful.
  •   Your 3am buddy…
I’m normally fast asleep at the witching hour. Or I pretend to be. My buddies are asleep too.
  •  Among all of the songs that you have sung till now, which one is the closest to your heart?
Among the ones I’ve written, “this is not goodbye”. Among the Bolly ones – Alvida from the film D-Day.
  •   What is the craziest thing that your fans have ever done for you?!
One fan probably spent days making this sketch of me that he gave to me before a show in Orissa. At one time, a fan comes up to me and said they’d traveled all the way from Kolkata to Ranchi just to see me play. It’s heartening.
  •  Tell us about your upcoming plans.

I plan to release an EP for the American market in Feb 2016, and do a lot more shows there and possibly in the UK. For now I’m just going to fix dinner and get a good night’s sleep!

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