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Foundation & Convocation Day At RK University

Foundation & Convocation Day At RK University 7


RK University, Rajkot celebrated it’s Foundation Day on 14th Oct ’15. Convocation Day was also planned on the same day, later in the evening.

It’s hard to wake up in the morning for lectures, but students were enthusiastic to celebrate the Foundation Day. It began with speech from dignitaries. And them the fun part began: performances from students.

Singing and dancing highlighted the day. The voice of the singer was not the only voice to be heard. Audience was also singing along-with in melancholy. And not to forget the instrument players. The music controlled the rhythm of the heart. It felt like the beats of the drums and the beats of the heart were in sync. Dancers made us groove, made us move, made us tap our feet and turn around.

This is how the celebrations began. To kick-off the day, all the organizations of RK University had there stalls where they showcased about their organization. To briefly aware you about the “organization thing” ( making hand gesture of double quotes ); Student Organizations Advisory Council (SOAC) is the main body under which there are various non-profit organizations working. They could be related to social awareness, Software awareness, Sports related or Music or writing or anything.

Foundation Day celebrations ended by afternoon. But there was still something left for the day.

Convocation celebrations began from evening. All the graduates and post graduates of RK University, received their certificate and medals from the most important people of their lives, their parents. Yes, it was a proud moment for not only the student and their parents but also for the University. Gold medalists were interviewed about their experience in RKU and their future endeavors. The most enjoyable moment was meeting friends after so long, and then having fun in photoshoot.

It began with celebrations of Foundation and ended with celebrations of Convocation. It couldn’t have been any better.

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