Seminar About a ‘Sensuous Understanding of the Political’ At AUD

  How to Make Sense?
Sensuousness, Method and Politics
A Workshop on Research
Shivani Kapoor
Venue:  CR 12, Ambedkar University Delhi, Kashmere Gate
Time:  2-4 PM
Date:  17-November-2015 (Tuesday)
Social sciences, especially disciplines within it like, political science, have hardly engaged with the question of senses and of the sensory ordering of politics. Located as they are in the body, the question of the five (and sometimes more) senses has often been relegated to the either natural sciences, or the fields of medicine, thereby eliminating the political from the study of the senses and also obscuring the sensory from politics. This is in spite of the fact that the field of the social and of the political offers us deeply sensuous phenomenon, which are usually categorised into banal and anaesthetic categories. The sensory method often employed in areas like sensory ethnography and sensory history attempts to undo this very flattening. This session, based on sensory method will then locate itself in these very questions to ask – What does it mean, for method and for politics, to engage with the sensuousness of our phenomenological realities.

Shivani Kapoor was teaching Political Science at Lady Sri Ram College, Delhi.  She is currently finishing her Ph.D at Jawaharlal Nehru University on The Politics of Caste and the Production of Smell:  A Study of the Leather Industry in Uttar Pradesh. Her areas of interest include the political, caste and the epistemology of the sensory.


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