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Collar Necklaces- Latest Fashion Trends

Collar Necklaces- Latest Fashion Trends 7

Collar Necklaces- Latest Fashion Trends 8

There is nothing that will bring smile to your face like a piece of jewelry. Of course, necklaces bring out more of your spirit and beauty than any other form of jewelry. One big reason is that it is eye catchy. Second is, no necklace can go unseen and neither is it outdated. It always remains in fashion and style. Right from the Mughal Empire, necklaces have been the soul of other forms of jewelry. So, no woman would ever hesitate to make her style better with a neck piece. In the present era, neck pieces have taken many forms and their importance and style has only grown to be better and better. Statement necklaces have been the essence of neck pieces in the recent times. Big or small, real or fake, understated or over-stated, the value and style it carries cannot be overlooked.

Collar Necklaces- Latest Fashion Trends 9
Some kinds of collar necklaces.

The first signs of jewelry came from the people in Africa. Perforated beads suggesting shell jewelry made from sea snail shells have been found dating to 75,000 years ago at Blombos Cave. Around seven-thousand years ago, the first sign of copper jewelry was seen.

Collar Necklaces- Latest Fashion Trends 10

Collar necklaces are on the top list of fashionable accessories.  This is such a great trend that collars are reminiscent of a time when class in fashion was the absolute priority. These bold, updated statement necklaces have the power to crank up the volume on any outfit while remaining elegant, with just the right hint of sparkle.  Whether it’s one solid piece or linked together, the collar necklace is an upscale version of our 1990s style middle school jewellery trend. Collar necklaces have gotten very famous lately because they look amazing with nearly every outfit. They can add beauty and style to any simple design dress you wear. The collar necklaces would look like is part of the shirt because of its colour combination with the outfit. Collar necklaces are my favourite for being so perfect for every event or occasion possible, with the tag “notice me”. After all, everybody wears jewelry to be noticed.  Also, eye-catching necklaces become the focal point of your look, and bring more attention up towards your face.

Collar Necklaces- Latest Fashion Trends 11

When you wear any kind of collar necklaces, make sure every other accessory including the dress is subtle along with your makeup, that way you will have a look that is not overly done. For example, wear a necklace with a subdued, non-patterned frock and little to no other jewelry. Let your necklace do the talking by keeping the rest of your look easy, breezy. If you are opting for a black or any plain coloured outfit, most number of collar necklaces will go with your attire- be it gold, silver or multi coloured necklace. If you are looking for a variety of beautiful and attractive necklaces, you must try Forever 21 Gems and Jewelry stores. For pure gold jewelry, any popular jewelry shop would help.

Collar Necklaces- Latest Fashion Trends 12

Collar Necklaces- Latest Fashion Trends 13



In case of multi coloured outfit or attire like a printed top or an ethnic wear, a very simple and a single colour collar necklace will match the best.  When it comes to accessories, one should not forget to surf the internet (online shopping websites) and of course, the streets!

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