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Bored With Boards- Everything That’s Wrong With India’s ‘Biggest Deal’

Today, I saw something that offended me and made me feel pity for a large number of people, but not in the way you think.

Don’t ‘too long, didn’t read’ this one, I believe this may come of real use.


Today, I lost faith in a lot of things. No, it’s not the education system- not in the least.

I lost faith in an elder generation that echoes a filthy rhyme which glorifies a life according to ‘the plan’. A plan which tells of how you can only have one path to lead- get a certificate from school to get a degree from college to get pay from work to raise a family to ‘live’ and die to end it all. A gen-X that injects the idea that the next big exam is always going to ‘decide your future’. For god’s sake, every moment of my present obviously decides my future. What if I’m shot by a crossbow by a midget when I’m taking my next poop? Obviously it will ‘affect my future’.

Bored With Boards- Everything That's Wrong With India's 'Biggest Deal' 4

But what really pisses me off is the generation of now. YOU. Yes, YOU who actually accept these terms put to you, making a mockery of your education where you are taught to reason. Okay yes, your board marks will ‘decide you future’ – if you are an ignorant nitwit whose only idea of success is getting a job only through the merit of the University you studied in, be respected in society only through what you have on paper and get a girl only because you have a fancier degree. If you are someone like the aforementioned, you prove that the only purpose of your life is SUSTENANCE. Born to ripe and rot.

Of course GEN-X is going to tell you it all matters, because in life you have to work, and that’s the little push they have to offer. But accepting the ideal ‘PLAN’ is not what even they want you to do! Ask them if you think differently.

And lastly, I lost hope in a society that believes that it’s not the people’s fault, but the system’s. Every.Single.Time. DO UNDERSTAND that you are the cesspool of ignorance that redefined what an exam means. You are the ones who convinced yourself that your board marks are equated only to the hours and minutes you sat in front of your book during those two grim months of ‘exam preparation’. And that’s exactly why you feel like you’ve been cheated now. There is no ‘fair’ is this, because the only one who has let you down is yourself.

And yes, you can bash the system with a single accusation. That it only tests logical-mathematical intelligence. But I believe that logical-mathematical intelligence is the only one required to be taught and tested. And that makes perfect sense for me,but I don’t know about you.

Wait, I do.

And that is why I’m sure you disagree. But wait till you meet people of real caliber and face obstacles of real difficulty,to understand that what makes you is the culmination of your intelligence (all those kinds) ; and to understand that your board exams DON’T COUNT FOR scrap.


Written by Goku

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