Bosses and employees often have a love hate relationship that is never ending. But, it seems that a fine businessman is loved a lot by his employees because after selling his company he paid over 17 million pounds in bonus rewards to his employees. This amount was divided among 114 employees, which amounts to about Rs. 1.5 crores each! So who is this best boss that employees would love to work for?

Best Boss In The World Bonus Rewards..

The Best Boss

Nevzat Aydin, the CEO of Yemeksepeti, a popular food chain in Turkey is the man who has initiated this kind gesture. His company had a deal with a German food industry giant who bought out his company and there was no kind of bonding or agreement to pay Mr. Aydin’s employees to pay bonus rewards but he did it anyway. This best boss doesn’t mind splurging for his employees.

He stated in a newspaper that his employees are the reason for his success and whatever he has achieved, is because of them. So he could not even think about not offering them handsome compensations. Is your boss as benevolent? If you think your boss can give a competition to him, let us know. We might feature a story on your boss as well!

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