Best Startups of 2015


New startups blossom every year with refreshing ideas. It is an excellent sign that the number of startups is increasing from year to year. Startups are the only way to promote novel ideas and are provision through which entrepreneurs develop the world. Here is the list of startups that made an advancing entry in 2015.


Uptake helps companies act and understand on data. It is building the singular platform that defines data-driven insight in the main global industries. Their solutions integrate into existing workflows that enable companies to take action.

According to the builders, Uptake

  • Transforms data into action.
  • Helps trains run faster.
  • Increases crop yields.
  • Keeps flights on time.
  • Make power grids smarter.
  • Prevents equipment downtime.



It is a recent startup by the co-founder of Flickr. With the caption ‘be less busy’, this app promises the best team communication. You can organize your team conversations in open channels that are transparent. For confidential information, you can create a private channel. You can drag, drop and share your files. You can also integrate Slack with your other accounts to prevent constant switching between apps.



The porch is a service provider that helps you find right professionals to take care of your home such as plumbing, gutter cleaning, house cleaning, lawn care, kitchen remodeling, roofing, flooring, painting, pool installation, landscaping, electrical services, moving help, etc. You can get home care advises from the porch blogger community. The porch is presently limited to certain locations in the world.


Best Startups of 2015 1

PicsArt is a free photo editing and sharing app. Not restricting only to filters PicsArt has the full-featured photo editor and collage maker with hundreds of tools including masks, effects, frames, stickers, text, overlays, etc. You can now draw with layers, using a comprehensive toolbox of different brushes. You can also follow the artists you love and hashtags and of course, you can share your photos to various social Medias.


Best Startups of 2015 2

Casper is a startup that sells mattresses, sheets and pillows. With the approach ‘Sleep for all’, the Casper team spent more than a year in designing the sheets and pillows that perfectly compliment the mattress. The soft, firm and breathable sheets are engineered with one of the longest cotton fibers in the world. The responsive, dual layer pillow adapts to your movements through the night. The company has made an alluring challenge of a 100-night trail. Upon dissatisfaction after these 100 nights, the company promises 100% refund.


Best Startups of 2015 3

Jibo is an intelligent social robot for home. It can sense, respond and he learns as you interact with it. It has two high-resolution cameras that can recognize and track faces, capture photos, enable video calling. It has a 360 degrees microphone and a natural language processor so that you can talk from anywhere in the room. It speaks – reminders and messages so that you always stay updated. It can communicate and express using natural social and emotive cues making it one of your best buddies.


Best Startups of 2015 4

Uber is a transport service app that fetches and drops you at places you want. This service is available as an app where your simple tap will get you a ride. No reservations are needed thus allowing you to catch a cab anytime. You can select the size of the car you want to travel making your family trips easier and happier. The payment can be made through Uber cash, and you need not worry about change or deceit. Uber is spread across 383 cities worldwide.






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