10 Life Lessons Learned From the FRIENDS

If this TV show did not move you to tears at some point, Trust me, dude, you need a Doctor. It’s not just a TV show; it’s like your best friend. It was part of our lives, and it completed our lives as well. The life of six friends, their friendship, their ups and downs, their emotions, how they deal with their troubles and lead their life is what it is all about and it cannot be shown more beautiful than this. Every character, every episode has taught us something, and it has always been there for us when we were in need of someone or something. When you have life problems what do you do? You remember what Rachel did when she had one, how Monica dealt with it, What Ross will do, how Chandler would panic, you wonder how Joey doesn’t care, and Phoebe will take the decision.

Here are some of the lessons we learned from them:

It is okay not to share your food:joey Friends When you are hungry for hours and finally manage to get your favorite food to eat, and suddenly someone pops out of nowhere to, have a share of it, say NO just NO. It’s your food, and there’s nothing wrong in not sharing it. Follow Joey and enjoy your food.


However ‘Forever Alone’ you think you are, someone somewhere wants you:images (19) Friends

No matter what, there is always a Janice who wants you! And if she loves you truly, you can always give that relationship a chance! And if it doesn’t workout, you will eventually meet someone, but you are never truly ‘forever alone’.

Not all relationships are meant, to last long:images (17) Friends

Some relationships would be perfect, but it has to end. Just like Monica and Richard, Rachel and Tom, sometimes it won’t work out but that doesn’t mean that’s the end. You will meet the one for you eventually!

Real Friends will accept you as you are:

images (18) FriendsIf your friend asks you to change yourself to continue the friendship, then that’s the kind of attention you want to give up. Whether it was Monica being a control freak, Joey’s not so serious attitude or Ross’s obsession with Dinosaurs they never changed, themselves for others. They were themselves always, and that’s us what made us all fall in love with them.

Bad times come for everyone but, we can handle it:

rachel FriendsEveryone goes through bad times, and that doesn’t mean that’s how life is going to stay forever. Remember when Monica was free, and she had to take up the job at Moondance Diner, Rachel working as a waitress before finally deciding to explore her fashion interest. And most importantly, when Chandler decided to quit his job to return and to take up Advertising and then the struggle which followed before he established himself. Life is full of ups and downs, if you don’t take a step, then you will never move on.

Laugh at your mistakes:

Nooo FriendsLaugh at your mistakes and that’s when you embrace yourself. Nobody is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. Rachel and Monica betting on their house or Chandler making jokes about how he jokes when he is uncomfortable 😛 But in the end just let it all go.

Always celebrate your life:
1fb5ca6aa76fdd8e8eed19438c2b076b Friends

You don’t need a perfect life to celebrate it. A good day is an excellent reason to celebrate your life. Mark every single detail of your life just the way Phoebe does. Yes, she didn’t have the childhood most of the kids have, but that didn’t stop her from celebrating her life. In fact, that made her observe and appreciate all little good things in her life. 🙂



Sometimes the person you love the most, hurt you the most:download (4) Friends

The more you love a person, the more will be the pain when they hurt you. It’s up to you to decide whether that person is worth it or not. When Rachel broke up with Ross or when Joey decided to move to a different house it wasn’t easy, but that’s how life goes, and we have to deal with it.

Go for the job you love:download (5) Friends

Remember the number of auditions Joey had to take up before becoming Dr.Drake Ramoray? Or when Chandler had to quit his job to pursue his career in advertising ( He was a Transponder) Or Ross becoming a Paleontologist due to his obsession with Dinosaurs as a child. They all did what it takes to get the job they love but remember this as well; work is not always important.

Always be there for the ones who care about you:friends Friends

When your best friend is struggling, do whatever you can to make them feel better because you are truly one of the few people who can make them better. Support them when in need like Chandler does to Joey or Monica did to Rachel. Hug it out and tell that you will be there for them.


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