Stretching for a thousand kilometers and widely infamous, there are few who have not heard of the Bermuda Triangle or the Devil’s Triangle. 50 planes and 20 ships have disappeared without a trace within the last century and around 1000 in the past five years, it is theorized. So what is it that makes this place so ominous?

Well, there are many theories, an each seems as inexplicable as the other as no theory can be completely approved or disregarded. For starters, the ocean floor beneath the area is known to have a large amount of methane gas trapped in the sediments. Sometimes a fissure may cause these to be expelled, and it causes the density of water in that area to reduce significantly. It is enough to easily drown any ship and being highly inflammable; a methane gas explosion is also plausible which is what could have affected the airplanes.


However, in one particular case, a boat carrying three passengers which set off in the Bermuda Triangle did not completely disappear though its passengers did. After it had disappeared off course, it turned up three days later at another place with everything just as it had been (Even a book had been found lying open as if someone had been reading it) except that the occupants were missing.


Sometimes, when air crafts fly over it, it is seen that some electronic fog envelops them which moves with the aircraft themselves, and it causes all electronic devices to malfunction. The planes then disappear without a trace. The ocean floor is vast and endless so even if the wreckage lay anywhere in there, it would be impossible to find it. This electric fog phenomenon is known as the Hutchinson Effect after John Hutchison.

The area also experiences more storms, lightening, freak waves up to 30 m high and hurricanes than other areas. These come and pass faster than a satellite can detect, and the lightening might even cause an excess of electrons in the place, creating a magnetic field strong enough to drown a ship.


Even the sea floor terrain seems to unusual in such that it has sudden deep drops and most of the trenches in the world are found here. Any ship or airplane body which may have fallen in those will never be found as they are completely inaccessible. Scientists believe they could have been formed by explosions of methane gas.

Of course, the theories are endless, and skeptics believe it’s nothing more than some strong magnetic field which causes compasses to malfunction. Some theorize it’s simply a product of human error and imagination while others it could be government hiding something. Till concrete explanations are found, we can only guess.


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