7 Benefits of Having Secret Lovers

Secret Lover

*This post is for fun and tells how many look for secret lovers today and what lures them to it. We advise you to not think of cheating, because well, love for your partner is the most pristine feeling ever! Not good feeling guilty by breaking someone’s trust later, is it? *

Whether it its learning about penguins mating for life or about human love story, we have always loved a good love story isn’t it?

Love is not an equation, neither a contract nor a happy ending. Love is the slate under the chalk, the ground on which the buildings rise, feeling that one feels and one can never explain, and the oxygen in the air. It is the place that you come back to, no matter where you are heading  to. The most beautiful feeling that one ever comes across in one’s life is ‘TO BE LOVED’.

A true and a passionate lover is what every girl desires. A guy who takes perfect care of her, who treats her like a princess, who stands by her in whatever good and bad she does in her life, who holds her when she is about to fall, who bears her anger and manages to bring back that sweet smile on her face, who stays with her forever no matter what may come their way.

What if a girl gets these things secretly but anyhow she manages to come to know about that secret. The news that a guy secretly admires you and loves you is the news that comes with so many assets.

Here’s some benefits we have concluded of having a secret lover!


Caring Secret Lover

If you have a secret lover, then you can become little careless about yourself because you already have someone to take care of you and your needs. One don’t need to keep a check on her routine too because he will do that for her.

Unexpected Gifts For the Secret Lover

Secret Lover


One thing that can bring Smile on any female’s face is Gift! Having a secret lover in your life increases the probability of receiving gifts and chocolates that can make your mood better anytime and anywhere.

Feeling of being Special to the Secret Lover


When you know that there is someone who loves you the most and you are the most important person in that person’s life then surely, you feel SPECIAL. You feel there is something different in you that sepa


rate you from the common crowd and you start loving yourself too.

Easier to Mess around

Making mistakes and creating chaos in your and other’s life doesn’t really require guts, but it requires a true backup. And having a secret


 lover gives you that backup. You can even go and slap any of your old female competition and leave the rest to be handled by your *Secret Lover*.

Better Image in friends

The moment you have a secret lover, you would see the number of friends in your life increases abruptly. Wonder Why? But you shouldn’t because that is one more benefit that comes with the entry of that lover only. Even your old friends who never took you too seriously starts taking you seriously and starts giving importance to what you do and ear to what you say.

Better Dressing Sense

No matter how carefree a female was in her life, the moment she comes to know that someone is keeping an eye on her, she does become conscious and starts paying attention to how she looks and dresses (at least in public) which ultimately leads to better looks and dressing sense too.

Option of getting your status changed

Lastly, the benefit of having that secret lover in your life is you can get your status particularly your relationship status changed from single to committed whenever you want.

Because to love is one thing, to be loved is another, and when these two things happen together with the same person, it is EVERYTHING.!



Written by Swati

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