“Because Being There Is Enough.” – A Raksha Bandhan Special


"Because Being There Is Enough." - A Raksha Bandhan Special 1

‘Ohana’ means family. And siblings are family. I  was kicked from heaven three years after my sister landed from hell.When I was born there were these tiny little hands all so excited to pick me up. My elder sister I tell you, I was a toy to her-The precious one.The connection is hard to describe in a single word.It’s a bond unlike any other that we have in our lives. But one thing I can say for sure had it not been for blood we would still have met someday and been each others best friend. She was my first friend, my first enemy, my first opponent. We were both a loud, messy, brawling, loyal, loving, lasting unit. As we grew up she became my room mate and I took her as an intruder. Huh!  Tadaa time for school arrived and I was hell nervous or I should say afraid But, then came my Ninja (P.s my elder version ‘my sister’). She saved me from every mess that I could probably get into. She was my knight in shining Armour.She  taught me how to deal with people, how to share ,how to fix those idiots, how to be a social butterfly and most importantly  how to stop being afraid. She never sugarcoated things for me. Everytime I  eagerly asked her how do I look , all she ever managed to say was – ugly or just fine. SIGHHH!!

    images (10)Fighting was our daily ritual. Nah! not the regular one WWE it was. We  fought like angry hyenas, frantically trying to get the best peace of warthogs. We fought over T.v remotes and what not. Everytime the fight was over she ended up getting hurt and I had to spend another day of my life thinking about ’10 ways to save oneself from ‘Dad storm’( Oh my life Jesus so tough it was).

And the way that I finally used to opt for was open the gate as dad arrives, vomit everything out,listen a lecture for an hour or two and then die peacefully and go to heaven (P.s I was so naive. Had I stayed quiet I would have been alive because my sister never complained about me duhhh!). A secret keeper she was. During all these years while I was dragging my life forward she used to invade my territory and remind me of all the embarrassing things I have done.

"Because Being There Is Enough." - A Raksha Bandhan Special 2

I constantly wondered ‘ How am I even related to her?’ like seriously. But, now as we have grown up I can see so much of myself in her. Whatever our souls are made of her and mine are the same. We were so possessive back then. The only rule that existed was “what’s mine is mine”. Things are  different now  the rule has been revised to ‘ Jo tera hai wo mera hai. Infact, sab kuch h mera hai’ Ji han . She used to steal my clothes back then and It used to drive me bat shit insane.The curse is on her now (As you sow, so shall you reap).But yeah, now we appreciate sharing is caring .Siblings are family, and therefore, they’re the only people who matter. Stuff is just stuff, but family is forever. While we were kids I didn’t want to be associated with my siblings in any way that would affect my identity.

images (9)I didn’t want to be labeled ‘ Sakshi’s little sister”. I wanted to be ME. But, now, we’re happy to be seen as a group. We’re the most kickass group there is, after all. Not only  she, has taught me thousand of lessons all these while even I taught her some.As the younger one, I had it so much easier than she did. My mom and dad spent all of their hard parenting years on her.By the time they got to me, they were like, “OK, we’re over it.” Therefore, I turned out to be a really chill person. Hey girl! I owe this one to you dude. Life would have been really mundane had she not been there. No one to fight with, to be weird with, to share silly stories, stupid jokes, and endless nights. Sounds horrible.

images (11)On this auspicious eve of Raksha bandhan I dedicate this one to all the siblings ‘Our soulmates’,  for being our protector, our guide, our partner in crime, for making us laugh and cry, for never letting us feel lonely, for being a piece of shit from time to time, for our competition, for being our playmates, source of envy, objects of pride, for understanding us when no one did, for being our love guru (Wink), for speaking our language ( That none other understands), for helping us break the rules, for being our role model, for singing in a pathetic voice with us ( You know you can count on me like one, two, three…) , for having our back , for believing in us at times when we do not believe ourselves, for adding that khatta meetha flavor in our life, for creating lifetime of memories, for being our rivals, for that promise of being best friends from cradle to grave and most importantly for just being there ” Because being there is enough.”


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A graduation student (Mathematics). 18. A strong believer of the fact that there is nothing truly artistic than loving people. .Writing often expresses what we can not. What food is to body writing is to soul. The idea is to spit out whatever words come to mouth .There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy but we do not need reasons to be happy. We must be happy anyway.So stay happy, stay connected not just to the world but to yourself and you dreams.



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