Falling in Love: 10 Beautiful Feelings when in Love


Do you want to revisit the beautiful moments when you were falling in love? What is Love? It is a strong feeling of affection? It is a pure and innocent soul. Love has no age limits. Wondering what are the top beautiful feelings experienced from love?

Here I am going to tell you, people, the ten most beautiful and amazing feelings experienced only from love


10 Feelings you experience when you’re falling in love

1. Bond less love and care.

Love is not about how many hours, days, months, or years you’ve been together. Love is about how much you love each other every day. There will be unconditional love and care that gives strength to both those who are in love.

2.Memorable walks.


Every step together will have lots and lots of memories. They share their happiness and sadness equally by walking together and also by reaching the destination together.

3. Endless talks

More talks will result in fewer misunderstandings. And there will be no time limits to share each other’s feelings. It can also take time from sunrise to sunset but still, none of them want to stop talking to each other because it gives them a lot of satisfaction and also increases that feeling of love inside them.

4. Warm hugs

4A hug is a sign of long time commitment, support, and an unforgettable feeling. Hugging each other will make them forget the world. That warm feeling will erase all sorts of misunderstandings between them and give positive energy and a secure feeling which comforts each other to a great extent.

5. Sweet kisses and cute smiles

Yes! A girl smiles or blushes when she sees that person whom she loves the most. And a kiss on her forehead will be the best gift ever given by that person whom she loves the most. It’s a “being on cloud nine” feeling. Kisses are not just the way to show love; it’s the promise that assures them that they both are ready to support each other in any aspect of their life.

6. Shoulder rest

It is a warm feeling that shows trust and pure love towards each other. A man promises women by making her rest on his shoulder that, he will always be there for her, every day and every time until his last breath. And the same promise will be from women. Love is all about faith and trust.

7. Stupid arguments’

Nobody is perfect in this world and of course, every couple will have small or big misunderstandings between them. It may be because of a lack of understanding, lack of communication. But a smart move by anyone among them will bring everything on the right path. But these arguments will increase love and care between them.

8. Pinky promises

Trust is the backbone of love. It will build up bonding and love between each other. Pinky promises is the cutest ever feeling that most of the couple experience. It has a meaning that any one of them who breaks that promise has to cut their small finger. Even after knowing the hidden meaning people still do it because they trust each other to that extent that they can do anything for the people they love.

9. Romantic long drive

Going on a long drive gives a romantic feeling ever. Fresh breeze, slow music, lovely weather, and the most happening person sitting next to each other. Aww! What else in the world can be this romantic?

10. Piggyback ride.


It is one of the prettiest cute ways to have that lovely feeling on your lover’s back. A guy carrying his girlfriend on his back will show the care and a pleasant sense of love towards his princess.

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