In school, when we were kids, we read in our books-“the basic necessities of life are-“roti, kapda, makan”.Food for survival, clothes to muffle and house for shelter.


India is a country of diversities-different people, different religions, different castes, different colors, yet united as one strong nation. But there are some hidden differences which are playing a crucial role in the development of India. What these differences are? What are the factors affecting the economy and development of India? How going back to basics will change the geography of India?-Let’s Find out but before that let’s look at the

Largest India is home to the largest undernourished and hungry population.
15.2% of our population is undernourished.
194.6 million People go hungry every day.
1 in 4 children malnourished.

These statistics are horrible. In 2015, we have 194.6 million people who can’t afford meal twice a day. There are food chains and startups in various cities. People are over eating and yet this number of people are struggling and starving that’s really bad. And if we can’t give our people food then when we will provide them clothes & shelter? People are buying acres of lands and construction companies are earning profits. People are making investments but what about people who don’t have a well built (pakka) house? Our imagination is different than reality. So we must start with the basics.

Increasing Gap- As India is making progress, the gap between the high-class and low-class society is increasing rapidly. Some people in India are so rich that they can eat thousands of cuisines in a day, Live in huge bungalows and have clothes more than a showroom has. But on the other hand, there are people in 2015 also who cannot afford meal twice a day, don’t have a single piece of cloth on their body and Shelter-Forget it!


Government policies-There are many policies made by the government but the important question is-Are policies working in the way they are supposed to? And if the answer is yes, then after so many years of independence why people are hungry, naked and poor? Who are eating their part of food then? It’s a big question. Corruption is a hole in plates of poor!

Concentrating on Big? Smart cities? – Imagine a country which has everything but still people are starving. A country in which a child is so attached to the air conditioner that he/she cannot live without an AC for a second and, on the other hand, a child who eats from a dustbin. Now that’s the point when you are going to realize that that there is a big big hole. Through this article what i really want to say is concentrating on big things is really good but first we need to concentrate on small goals. For example, you cannot create a skyscraper without the basic building block. Similarly, the thing which we need to concentrate on is to feed our people, to provide them shelter, to educate them & make them stronger!


-Anubha Maneshwar

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