The Evolution Of Memes memes

The Evolution Of Memes

If you’re between the age of 13-25 and are not aware of what memes are, you’re quite out of touch with this world. The word meme was originally coined by Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene, published in...
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How To Overcome Writer’s Block writer

How To Overcome Writer’s Block

So you’re a writer. You dabble in stories and poems and are a self-proclaimed bibliophile. You’re the writer everyone in the class in envious of. You’re the person with the highest scores on all your essays. You’re the person with...
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Real Life Curses That Killed curse

Real Life Curses That Killed

The Sinatra Curse Apparently, the song “My Way” by Frank Sinatra is banned across a lot of karaoke bars across the world due the unnaturally high killings associated with it. Ever since Sinatra performed it on the radio, it has...
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Surprising Facts About McDonalds mcdonalds

Surprising Facts About McDonalds

One of the world’s biggest fast chain and you probably think you know all about them.  Though Subway tops it at being the world’s largest restaurant chain, there is hardly anyone who is not aware of what the golden, brightly...
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Plastic Surgery Fails surgery

Plastic Surgery Fails

Perhaps none of us are quite as happy with the way we look as we should we. We’d all like a tweak here, a tuck there – and so do celebrities. And some frighteningly decided to take their addiction far...
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Bermuda Triangle Theories bermuda

Bermuda Triangle Theories

Stretching for a thousand kilometers and widely infamous, there are few who have not heard of the Bermuda Triangle or the Devil’s Triangle. 50 planes and 20 ships have disappeared without a trace within the last century and around 1000...
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5 Ways To Curb Your Phone Addiction phone

5 Ways To Curb Your Phone Addiction

Do you find yourself checking your phone all day? From the time to wake up to when you’re stuck in traffic, to watching a movie or out with friends. Do you find yourself constantly checking for updates, news and messages...
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Ways To Sleep Better At Night sleep

Ways To Sleep Better At Night

A good night’s sleep is one of those things that everyone is entitled to, but very few get. The average Indian adult sleeps six or fewer hours per night. Most of us fall asleep late and are too groggy in...
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Top 5 Highest Paid Models model

Top 5 Highest Paid Models

Few look beyond the glitz and glamor of the modeling industry into the abyss beyond. The abyss of insecurity, body shaming, peer pressure, drug addictions and most importantly, their biggest nemesis – age. So how much do models earn exactly?...
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6 Things To Do Before 2016 Ends year

6 Things To Do Before 2016 Ends

You might still think that there are months before this year comes to an end. But believe me, when I say it’ll all pass by in the blink of an eye, and you’ll still be the same you were. You’ve...
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