Australian Journalist Got Roasted Mercilessly On Twitter After He Compared India’s Map To Women’s Underpants


The attitude of Australian people have always been rude towards Indian and to back my statement I would like to remind you of all the murders and violence Indian students faced in the previous years in Australia. Seems like Australians has got some sort of problem with Indians. Adding fuel to this racism fire, an Australian journalist Dennis Freedman also known as “Dennis does Cricket” posted a picture of Indian flag comparing it to women’s underpants. He is a sports writer who takes hilarious digs at cricket.

australiaDennis also made news earlier when he called the Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli a sweeper. Dennis faced a lot of backlash by Indians on the Internet after his statement on Virat but it looks like that was not enough to put him down.

Image may contain: 3 people australia
Dennis Freedman

After he put this pic on the internet to enjoy his 2 mins of fame, Indians all over the internet trolled him and roasted him.

australia  It is about the pose.

australiaIgnorant as he is, he even cut out Kashmir from the map of India so here is a suggestion for him.

australiaWe Indians are also no less at comparing.


Something fishy is going out in the background.

australiaWithout the usage of one bad word, Mr. Journalist was taught a lesson that is not easy to forget. No one has the right to disrespect another nation and nationality.


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