Arnab Goswami resigns and this is how people reacted

This November has been loaded with surprises and shocks both, from PM Modi’s demonetization of currency to the triumph of Donald Trump and Lastly the resignation of Arnab Goswami and much more. Hashtag Arnabresigns has been trending ever since from the beginning of this month. And just like Arnab Goswami says, India wants to know! We all want to know why he has resigned? Is he taking a break? Starting a new media venture or joining some other news channel? Well, as of now no one has the answer. But we do have a couple of reactions of the common man.

1. Is that a solution for a noise free Diwali? The nation wants to know. Arnab Goswami, are you listening?

screenshot_2016-11-15-23-19-49_1 arnab goswami

2. What do do-pak intellectuals have to say about this?

screenshot_2016-11-15-23-20-33_1 arnab goswami

3. Single people here is an opportunity for you 😉

screenshot_2016-11-15-23-20-45_1 arnab goswami

4. Who will make these pak faults famous now?

screenshot_2016-11-15-23-21-05_1 arnab goswami

5. When your loud volume makes you famous all over the world.

screenshot_2016-11-15-23-22-09_1 arnab goswami

6. Keep yelling and keep yelling, and the nation will know.

screenshot_2016-11-15-23-22-46_1 arnab goswami

7. People with hearing aid are most upset about it!

screenshot_2016-11-15-23-24-44_1-1 arnab goswami

8. Yes, that must happen! Archives of now and then must be alive forever and ever!

screenshot_2016-11-15-23-24-54_1-1 arnab goswami

9. Not just people but remote controls are also trying to deal with the significant change.

screenshot_2016-11-15-23-25-02_1-2 arnab goswami

10. Yes, Barkha Dutt here you go.

screenshot_2016-11-15-23-25-11_1-1 arnab goswami

In the end, I’d like to add a personal touch to it! I am fond of writing very much, and the creativity of all these people is amazing and hilarious.

arnab arnab goswami,,

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