Are They Really Your Friends?


Gradually as time progresses and a bunch of new generation is evolving out, we are entering an era where the parent – child relationships are heading on the rocks. Children are more inclined towards their friends and other temporary stuff!


These days the children have become somewhat selfish and absent-minded.  They hardly care about their sick, ailing, and old parents.  Nowadays a general interest that has sparked off on every corner of the world is the deadly Facebook. Deadly, because people don’t realize the amount of time wasted in such social networking sites.  Humanly speaking, some amount of recreation or a period of relaxation is requisite for every being, but that should not be confused with one’s obligations and filial duties.  Youngster these days spent endless time on Facebook and mobiles chatting away with friends, rather than spending quality and quantity time with their parents.


To make matters worse, the Gen-X is stuffed with unnecessary emotions – anger, ego and impatience, thanks to the numerous television shows and serials that are now running wildly in the market!  When parents try to correct them, they start misbehaving with them; raising their voices before their parents and causing them frequent hypertensions and other illness.


But when their friends find some fault in them, they would immediately approach them for suggestions and try to imitate how their friends behave rather than looking up to better advice from wise people. We are so conscious about how people look at us that we try to resemble them in different ways and even change ourselves according to their taste yet we fail to realize that our parents just have the same taste for us, from the very beginning.


These days the upcoming generation often forget the real deeper meaning of friendship.  Friends are those who hold our hands when we go weak, who pick us up when we fall, who care for us when we get sick, who show us the right path and who are ever-ready to lend us a shoulder to cry on or laugh about.



There will be enormous number of examples to prove how youngsters are going astray and are forgetting the real value of their parents.  Maybe an orphan would know more about the importance of parents in one’s life than those who are blessed with parents.  Teenage is the time when all the kinds of misunderstandings arise between the parent and the child, and some people wisely term it as the generation gap.


But we should not forget that our parents have also passed the same age as ours once in their charming youth and that they are more experienced than us and have more sense of discernment.  Sometimes our parents might not allow us to go out with our friends for get-together, shopping or late-night parties.  It is not because they don’t want us to enjoy and share our life with others around us, it is because they care much more for us than we can apprehend.  They don’t want us to fall in the vicious pit of bad, unhealthy friends or in the trap of gangsters/rapists who don’t even know what they are doing.  It is not for someone else to take charge of our life or even rob us of our good life.  The only person who is entitled to do this is the one who created us, the Almighty.  None other than Him have a right to destroy his/her neighbours life.


There comes a time when we tend to give more attention to our ‘so-called friends’, clicking photos with them then seeing it over and over again and then editing and re-editing it to make it look much better, or even chatting with them throughout the day.  The thought that should click us at these times is whether these friends of ours will be there with us till the very end.  The answer to this too is indeed a very big NO.  Some might prove it wrong still, but somebody has wisely put it : “On every walk of our life, we come across different people who enter our life for a reason, a season or a lifetime, and when we figure out what it is we would know exactly what to do.”  That is the very law of nature!


But even when our friends leave us and go on their own way, we could always experience our parents sticking by our side.  The saddest part is that we don’t get enough time to even wish our parent in the morning or give them a glass of water when they return from work, considering it as a waste of time, just because we give so much attention to our friends and not parents.


Now let us think over.  Why did they waste so much time on us from day one?  Why did they not throw us out on the roads the moment we were born or even finish us inside the womb of our mother, when they had a good chance to just care for themselves and their job?  Why did they run upto us when we cried and made us cheerful again by their pampering, didn’t they have other works to finish?


Why did they panic when we fell off from the bicycle the very first time, didn’t they have several other things to worry about?  Why did they stand at the gate of our school on our first day in school, didn’t they have their own job to do?



Why did they fret so much over college admissions, didn’t they have their own priorities?  Why did they have to squander money to buy us good clothes when they could build themselves a lavish house to live with that money?


Is it all because of an obligation towards us that they are doing so much for us or is it their way of communicating their extraordinary love for us?  Moreover did we ever ask them to do these things for us? If they could still do it without any disregard for us, why then do we hesitate to reciprocate our love for them?


All of us are aware of the old saying that ‘Time and tide wait for none’.  So we should manage our time in such a way that we get enough quality time to spend with our parents and also at the same time we build some healthy relations with all people around us.


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