5 Things That Can Happen Only on Indian Trains

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Travelling is always a pleasure and journeys become all the more entertaining when its  Indian Railways. Trains in India are incomplete without the funny and weird incidents that happen in them. The vast population and the various kinds of people on the train, are sure to leave you bemused and entertained.  My journeys in the train have taught me:  a) anything can happen on a train. b) Most of the time you can’t do anything about it. Here are some of the weird and funny incidents that I witnessed on my journeys.

  1. What’s in a name? – I was travelling from Kolkata to New Delhi. It was Rajdhani 3AC. Other than my family members, the compartment was occupied by four other individuals, one of them being a peculiar looking man. It was 11 at night, and everyone was busy preparing their berths, making their beds when the train came to a halt at some distant station. From the top berth, I asked the man sitting by the window, to check which station it was. He peeped through the glass and said “Sulabh Shauchalaya”. Everyone in the compartment burst into laughter. I thought he might be kidding, but the man was serious about it. On asking again, he said, “humko hindi padhna aata hai. Aap khud hi dekh lijiye. Yeh station Sulabh Shauchalay hi hai”. None of us could believe what we heard. After we explained that it was the ‘pay and use toilet’ and not the station, he said, “naam mein kya rakha hai?”  I knew then, my guess was correct. He was indeed a creepy weirdo.
  2. 20 train The Matar Paneer tragedy – The Sulabh Shauchalaya incident reminds me of another toilet disaster. I was travelling alone from Kolkata to Jaipur in the month of January. The train was four hours late to arrive and so, after finally boarding the train, I gobbled up the train dinner- matar paneer, rice and chapatti without thinking of the consequences. Next morning at five, my stomach starts to rumble and I rush to toilet to relieve myself only to realise there is no water. I didn’t know what to do.  I was utterly helpless. I opened the tap again and again but not a drop fell. As I sat baffled, there was a knock on my bathroom door. A lady was asking if someone was inside. I told her that there was no water and told her to contact the train attendants. While I waited, exposing my naked butt to the chilly air, she returned to tell me that the train tank would be filled at the next station. Luckily, the next station was near and I didn’t have to wait long inside the shaky toilet. Ever since this happened, I make sure to ask the attendants if the train tank has water.   55109784 train3. The train Cinderella –  On my trip from New Delhi to Dehradun, I lost one of my shoes. I had been dozing off on the top seat and when I woke up in the morning, my left shoe was missing. I checked everywhere near and under the seat and asked the co-passengers if they had seen it. But no one seemed to know anything about it. Why would someone take one shoe?  Nothing could be done about it, so all I did was wait for my destination and then walk barefoot on the platform. It was so embarrassing.tumblr_nmpuo2R4yq1un2proo1_500 train4. Pee fall – The family that was a part of my compartment had a cute one-year-old son and a four-year-old daughter. While the mother and father sat on the lowest berth talking to me, the kids played sitting on the top berth. I didn’t remember when the little kid opened his pants, but I do remember how his pee dripped down from the upper berth.  Luckily I wasn’t sitting below him, but the Victoria Falls left me nauseated.  The kid no more seemed cute to me.meme4 train5. Laundry lady – While travelling from Jaipur to Ahmedabad, my co-passengers were highly irritating. They had some wet laundry with themselves which they wanted to hang. I got pissed when the lady of the family, tied a wire from the window to the top berth and hung the clothes. The compartment floor was wet with water dripping from the clothes. On telling them not to do so, quick came the reply, “Humne bhi paise diye hain iss train ke. Jaise marzi use karenge.”  I didn’t want to start a fight, so I exchanged my seat with an old man, who wanted my lower berth.2685979077 trainBut no matter how much we complain or have weird and funny experiences, we are still going to love trains.

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