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8 Annoying Things We Come Across On Internet

While we just can’t stress enough on the necessity of internet in our lives, it would definitely be a more blissful place without these nuisances. Here are few annoying things we come across on internet which sometimes add to our daily jokes and sometimes just make us want to pull our eyes out.

1. The “1 like, 1 Rupee” charity
While I grieve over the fact that my dog was denied treatment by the vet because he didn’t have enough likes on his deplorable picture, I would still ask the considerate people to not fall prey to these hoaxes. While sometimes we let our kind heart rule over our sane brain, other times we wish people knew what they shouldn’t do for profit. Mostly these pictures are for promotion of a page or content or some crazy reason we don’t even know of and are often uploaded without the required permission.

2.”Like. Share. Don’t ignore.”
While I definitely like to believe that I have been getting poor grades because I didn’t share that sacred picture, I still wish those pictures never showed on my screen. No, I am not an atheist. It’s not the satan speaking through me either. I am just a human being who tries not to deny the existence of human brain. And yes, I did like a picture once and no, none of my wishes came true. If only I could sue them for their false claims!!

3.Fake news going viral.
With news ranging from the death of a famous personality to an impending apocalypse, we can’t help but sigh at the conviction with which such articles are written. They have us searching the net to validate their reports and in the meanwhile you hear the same news from ten other people.

4.”What does your lip gloss say about you?”
Well, nothing except that I needed something for my parched lips. My nail paint doesn’t say anything about me either. Nor does the length of my hair. Some of these articles can even tell you the initial letter of your husband’s name and how many children you will have. Feeding on the curious nature of human brain, these articles are absolute irritation to rational minds.

5. Ads.
Need we say more here? We definitely don’t mind a clean pop-up on the side. But when the ads flood the entire page and sometimes even redirect us to another site altogether, we can’t help feeling exasperated. All we can do is suggest you to install Adblock. You might not become immune to the ads but the frequency reduces and so does your blood pressure.

6.The “mAHh LyFF MahH rULezZz” people.
Eyes bleed, brain pops out and the soul wants to leave the body everytime one of such posts comes up on our newsfeed. While some of us desperately search for the unfollow button, others try to decipher the hidden meaning behind these intelligible posts.

7.”Congratulations!! You have just won 1 million dollars. Claim your prize now!!”
Well, you happen to visit a site and this pops up in red. Your heart does a little somersault before sinking into dejection again. I hardly think anyone believes in these anymore. But these pop-ups are extremely insensitive. All they do is remind you of your empty wallet. We would be happier souls without them.

8. “A celebrity woke up and brushed his teeth.”
While we do love to hear the gossips concerning our favorite celebrities, there is a limit to how much we wish to know. No, we aren’t interested in the colour of their comb nor do we want to know what they had for their breakfast on the previous Sunday. So instead of focusing on these intricate details, how about having an article on Edward Snowden.

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Written by Soumya Vatsa

sapiosexual, voluntarily an introvert, fashionably dowdy, a passionate writer and to top it all-"an engineer in the making" *wink*


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