And The WINNER IS…. (Oct. 5 – Oct. 11, 2015)



The Icy Tales Contest Winner is…

Not ONE But TWO!

Winner is winner

Hamsi Radhakrishnan & Ritarekha Dutta

Congratulations for being the first winners of this weekly contest!

It was a delight reading your articles!!!

Here is the link to the winning articles – have a read all of you!

Ultimately, what tied these two guys together at the end was an evaluation of the likes and views their article received.

About this Weeks’ Articles

We recevied and evaluated around 70 articles this week. Many of your posts have been amazing, and we calculated on different factors. Some articles were really close, and anyone could have won. Some articles were good but lacked the punch to pull it through the finish line.

Other articles – we really do not want to tell, but if YOU plagiarize, it’s really unethical for you to even show us your face. Of the around 70 articles reviewed, as many as 5 were plagiarized, and trashed completely. We will be taking stricter action against those plagiarizing in the near future.  The other issue is that a few of you didn’t bother to respond to the changes asked by the editors, which meant that we could not proceed with the article publication – it’s important to reply to editors.

The winners gets to pocket a Cool Rs. 1,000 each! We will be contacting you shortly!

And that’s not all that we’ve got for you. We have seen some of the best talents and our editors were delighted to review some of the pieces. So much so, that we have decided to offer six of you the role of an editor itself!

We have offered the role of an editor to:

  • Hamsi Radhakrishnan
  • Ritarekha Dutta
  • Sakshi Gandhi (username Sakshi2804)
  • Nikita Saxena
  • Aindrila Chowdhury
  • Reenu

Finally, Don’t Worry!

Those who did not win, don’t worry. You can again try next week and we would love to read more from you. Keep the story original, unique and offer something readers would love reading. We are looking for talented people like you out there!

Ultimately, please do share the word about us to your friends. Just tell them to visit !

Want to try out your own luck next week? Don’t forget – our contest runs every week and you can be a winner too! Just visit to start your own journey with us!

Note: Our Editor Neha came up with this amazing method of calculating and giving credits for likes and views.  There were 5 marks for views: views >360 and 5 marks for likes: likes >180. The views and likes criteria helped us to judge the top articles easily giving credence to people who have promoted their posts.

Here is the ICY TALES CONTEST sheet our Editors used – you can check out how your article fared to improve upon next time!


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