And The Winner for October 26th – 31st is…

Hello guys! This week we had about 40 articles out of which the editors reviewed  33 of them and we are pleased to claim that though plagiarism still remains a problem that we wish to eliminate, with the rest of the articles, the level of writing that we encounter as the contest progresses leaves us delighted each time. At the same time we also request the writers to please be active on FACEBOOK during the week of their submissions as we have had to carry a lot of articles over to the next week due to a few of the writers failing to respond to the respective editors in time, when they were contacted. However those of you who did submit your articles please DO check the sheet at the end to read the reviews. And now without further ado..

 The Winner for October 26th-31st Is


Adarsh Vijay 

for the article

“No Ego Please”: Says Game Theory

Heres the REVIEW SHEET! ICY TALES CONTEST Please download it to know how you fared!

Thank you so much for participating guys, we are overwhelmed with the steady inflow. All the Best for the coming week….and Happy Writing!

Icy Tales Team

Oindrila Gupta

Written by Oindrila Gupta

Oindrila Gupta is a student of Delhi University with a passion for Literature and her hobbies include music and dance. Apart from this, she is also a voracious reader and hopes to establish a career as an editor some day. Meanwhile she finds joy in little things and strives to make an impact through her writings in order to touch whatever lives she can. You can read more of her write-ups at

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