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And That’s How You Become An “ENGINEER”

And That’s How You Become An “ENGINEER” 4

4 years, 8 semesters, 40 subjects and hundreds of assignments, that’s what engineering is all about.

It seems to be the only goal for us to achieve when we enter our engineering college. But NO. I would rather say that this is how you can become an engineer but can never have the life of an engineering student; because engineering begins where every other thing ends.



The very first thing which comes to your mind after joining the college may be the new place, new college, new people or new friends, but you never think that you are going to have a new story of your life – the story which will have the best moments of your life – the story which you will cherish till the day you die – the story you wish would last forever.

Though first year is not as interesting as you thought it would be, being an engineering student keeps you feeling proud since engineering in India is almost like a religion and most of the young people follow this religion, be it by choice or not. Your life begins to take a turn towards a new chapter.

Social life, good grades, and sleep. Choose any two and live a happy engineering life.

This is how the real engineering life starts. You don’t need any girlfriend or boyfriend; your assignments are there to irritate you every day, and that is more than enough. Your relationship status becomes “In Engineering”. Whilst engineering brings the tiring assignments and exams, it also has the relaxing fests – the time for you to have fun or say making memories for lifetime.

Your engineering life is incomplete without those cups of midnight coffee, bunking classes, 3 a.m. cup noodles, birthday bumps, get-together parties, empty pockets, breaking rules and most of all, your friends for life. Be it the bike racing, failing in the exam, not paying the canteen bills, passing comments on every teacher or having crush on someone, your friends are always your partners in every crime.

The third year of engineering is considered as the happiest period of your graduation time. You become seniors and don’t fear the teachers as much as you used to anymore. You become the official representative of your department since your seniors will probably be busy in campus recruitment and post graduation exams. Through those fights for best department tag, dance wars, dramas, sports or tech fests, you will find out that a third year student is involved in almost each and every activity.



The best part always comes at the last – the final year. Though you become busy with your seminars, projects and campus placements, you still find the time to live each remaining day to its fullest. You never bunk a single lecture because you know that you’ll soon miss sitting on that last bench.  You take slams from everyone and you don’t fear the results anymore because even if it leads you down when you fail, it will surely raise your head up when you are placed. And that’s how you instill a sense of maturity, a sense of responsibility in yourself.

Then comes the last day of your college, the farewell party. You patch up with all those people, with whom you never wished to talk, and then check every corner of your campus out again, relive the moments at your favorite place, eating together for the last time in college, thanking every teacher for their valuable presence in your life, making dozens of promises, taking hundreds of photographs, and making a thousand tons of memories that what you store in the database of your mind.






You finally leave the place after exams and carry with yourself a beautiful unforgettable story of your life. And that’s how you become an Engineer.


Also, happy Engineers’ Day 😀 (15th September of every year)



Sonal Virwani


B.E. Passout

Engineers do what others call “magic”. Hope everyone of you would have a great engineering life as that of mine.


Written by Sonal


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  1. Some paragraphs & you showed the entire life of an engineering student. This is how an article should be & that is how this article is. Well done.

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