All You Need To Know About Sheena Bora Murder Case

All You Need To Know About Sheena Bora Murder Case 4

The gruesome murder of Sheena Bora has been in the news for quite a few days. The plot of this murder mystery is not less than that of a TV daily soap. With all the newspapers and TV news channels headlining this case, the people have become gripped with this murder mystery.

If you are feeling left out and have no idea what the  fuss is all about, you have come to the right place! Read on to know all you need to know about the case.

Main People Involved

indrani         27-1440642998-peter-mukerjea-600         sheena-bora_650x488_81440579273

1.Indrani Mukerjea– Founder of INX Media Network

2.Peter Mukerjea– Former CE0 of Star TV and husband of Indrani Mukerjea since 2002

3.Sheena Bora– Indrani’s daughter

mikhail-bora       Mumbai : Rahul Mukerjea ex-lover of Sheena Bora arrives for questioning in connection with the Sheena Bora murder case at Khar Police Station in Mumbai on Wednesday night. PTI Photo(PTI8_27_2015_000307B)     370403-sanjeev2

4.Mikhail Bora– Indrani’s son

5.Rahul Mukherjea– Son of Peter from a previous marriage

6.Sanjeev Khanna– Former husband of Indrani

How Did The Incident Come To Light?

According to the Mid Day report, the Mumbai Police received an anonymous call about three months back that Sheena is missing. The police soon got active and started investigating the case. They were aware that the case is quite twisted and so kept things low.Upon investigation, the police found that Indrani’s driver, Shyam Lal was somehow involved and so he was arrested by the Mumbai Police in a case involving an unidentified pistol.

While he was being interrogated, he revealed his involvement in killing Sheena Bora and also claimed that he did so on Indrani Mukerjea’s command. Afterwards, police took him to the murder site in Lonavea where the alleged charred remains of Sheena were found.


The site near Gagode Khurd village in Pen taluka of Raigad district where  partial remains of a decomposed body was found in a suitcase in May 2012

Following this, on 25th August, Indrani was arrested by the police along with Rai and was charged with murder, kidnapping and destruction of evidence.


Arrest of Indrani Mukerjea

The Crime

According to the driver, on April 23 2012, Indrani went for a drive to Gagode village near Pen Khopoli Road, Mumbai. On 24th April, Sanjeev Khanna joined her from Kolkata in Mumbai. The three of them picked up Sheena near National College at Linking Road in Bandra.

The former husband and wife allegedly strangulated Sheena with her dupatta. On 25th April, at around 4 p.m, the three allegedly went to burn and dispose Sheena’s body near the Gagode village.

When people asked Indrani about Sheena, they were told that she had moved abroad for further studies. However no one was in touch with her.

The Mystery 


Biological daughter- Sheena Bora, the victim, was referred to as her sister by Indrani. It came as a shock to people close to her, specially her husband, that she was in fact her biological daughter. According to The Telegraph, Indrani’s relatives too confirmed that Sheena was actually her daughter.

The mystery remains as to why Indrani would refer her own children as siblings?


Sheena’s Love Affair with Rahul- It has been confirmed by Mikhail Bora, brother of Sheena Bora, that sheena was in fact in a relationship with the youngest son of Peter Mukerjea, from his previous marriage. Apparently, both Peter and Indrani were unhappy with their relationship.


Role of Sanjeev Khanna- Khanna had stated in an interview earlier with The Times of India that he did not know anything about Indrani’s previous marriage or her children. Later, the same man was arrested with his involvement in the case.

The question arises as to why would Khanna get involved in the murder? What could possibly be his motive?

Motive- The main motive behind the murder has not been confirmed yet. However, Tehelka has offered a possible motive. According to the magazine, Indrani’s and Peter’s company 9X faced an audit and had therefore transferred some funds in their relative’s accounts. It is rumoured that Sheena refused to return the money.

It has also been speculated that Sheena was planning to expose Indrani’s past in front of her husband Peter.

Recent Updates

  • Siddharth Das, reported to be Indrani Mukerjea’s first husband, said he lived with Indrani Mukerjea at her parents’ home till 1989, but they were never married. After they split up in 1989, he never saw her again.
  • The police have alleged that the plan to kill Sheena Bora was plotted on Skype.
  • Reports say that Indrani Mukerjea still claims Sheena Bora is not dead but is living in the US. Indrani claims Sheena is refusing to reveal herself because she “hates” her.
  • Skeletal remains purportedly of Sheena Bora unearthed in Raigad were on Tuesday sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory in Mumbai.
  • In a significant development, Mumbai Police have recovered the car used in the murder of Sheena Bora in April 2012.
  • Sheena Bora’s brother’s claim of being the next target appears to be true. According to sources, Indrani Mukerjea’s former husband and one of the three accused in the murder, Sanjeev Khanna has confirmed Bora’s claims.


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