Is AIDS Really Innocent?

Is AIDS Really Innocent? 4

AIDS is a dreadful disease which is a reason for the death of several crores of people. Really there is a deadly question regarding the innocence of aids. This is a journey to find the answer for some questions that may sometimes appear before you.

19 May, 2004
10:00 am

My first day at my office is actually a day with more than what I had in over 10 years. On the day, after usual procedure of welcome as a DEO of the education department of Kerala my first appointment was with the headmaster of a school that i can’t remember now. He is the one who was nominated to the best teacher award. I saw him, who doesn’t have the feel of any kind of award nominee. He was somewhat sad and also carrying something. He gave it to me. It is his resignation letter. I was surprised and asked the reason behind it. Then he cried and revealed his touching story. He had been serving the school for over 19 years as the teacher and headmaster.

One day he received a complaint about a rank holder in class 10 who is now in the 11th standard. The summary was to dismiss him immediately, and if not, all the parents of the rest of the children would not send their wards to the school. He asked the the teachers what the problem was but they kept silent, then finally he asked that particular student. The reason was that he had been infected with AIDS through the blood transfusion from an infected patient.

After that the Teachers’ Committee called for a meeting and due to immense pressure from the management, teachers and other parents he signed the dismissal of the student. At the time of giving the Transfer Certificate he didn’t cry but he said one thing: the name of a lesson ‘IS AIDS A CRIME?’ to be taught in class 10. It was this story for which he wanted to resign from the job.

Later I got two calls from the press. One was good, that my subordinate had gotten the best teacher award. The other is that of the death of that particular teacher due to heart attack after hearing the news of that boy’s death. I went out to a sea shore and said loudly: ‘I am an AIDS patient, I am an AIDS patient’, again and again.

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